Why Learn Spanish? 5 Reasons To Convince You

Why study Spanish? Well, studying Spanish is always a good option. There are many reasons to opt for the language of Cervantes. Here we want to reveal only the most important to answer “Why learn Spanish.” 

1. Prepare to study in another country

There are many universities, schools, and training centers that offer a wide variety of courses to study in another country and exchanges. On many occasions, these centers require that you have studied an academic semester abroad as a requirement to participate. 

Even if the program does not require prior knowledge of Spanish, it will be an added advantage if you know the language before arriving in the country. It will be easier for you to make friends, make purchases, and go to restaurants. As well as many other things that will make your stay in the country much fun and profitable.
If you are interested in studying in Spanish maybe you are going to like this guide.

2. Learn more about the culture of Spain and Latin America

If you want to know the Spanish and Latin American culture, knowledge of the language is essential. If you are able to read and understand Spanish, on the street, in the subway, on television or in a newspaper, not only will your stay be easier, but it will allow you to know more about the culture in Spanish. The knowledge of Spanish will open a new world of literature in Spanish and help you understand the history of Spanish-speaking countries and how it affects today’s culture.

3. Enjoy music, theater, movies in Spanish in its original format

Understanding Spanish will open doors to the theater in Spanish. You can read literature in Spanish and discover works such as Don Quixote de la Mancha Del Miguel de Cervantes in the original language. 

You can watch movies in Spanish if you have to read subtitles, including movies that have won Oscars. For example :Belle epoque, Todo sobre mi Madre, Tierra Adentro or El laberinto del Fauno. Remember that there are many actors who speak Spanish. As for example Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek.

Spanish Music will be a great answer for the question why learn Spanish?. There is a lot of good Spanish and Latin American music and many famous singers who sing in Spanish and make us want to understand the original words of this charming songs. For instance, the Cuban Gloria Estefan, the Colombian Shakira, the Spanish Julio Iglesias and his son Enrique Iglesias, the Puerto Rican Ricky Martin and the American Jennifer Lopez. The list is limitless: there are many websites where you can listen to a lot of Spanish music.

4. Gastronomy

Undoubtedly, one of the best reasons why take Spanish. Although the most famous gastronomies in Europe are the Italian and the French, the simplicity of the first and the sophistication of the second, make Spain a great gastronomic power internationally and the many “Michelin stars” and global awards attest to this. 

Nothing like being able to order something typical like paella, a cold gazpacho or some crumbs. Cold tapas, hot food, and basic dishes elevate Spain as a culinary premier destination and knowing Spanish will help you get into that world.

5. Spanish help you with other languages

Modern Spanish is part of the languages ​​derived from Latin. In addition to Spanish, the languages ​​that are part of this group are French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Catalan and Galician. 

Therefore, if you have an intermediate or medium level of the language, you will know the grammatical structure of the Romance languages ​​and you will not have much difficulty when you read texts in these languages. The words are very similar since a high percentage of them have kept the same structure with changing the pronunciation.

We hope that we answer why learn Spanish is important for you as a study abroad students in both study and life aspects.
Share with us if you think there are any other important languages and open our readers eyes on new horizons.

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