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Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?


Due to the fact that the number of scholarships is limited, and there are a lot of applicants, it is important that the scholarship committee notice your application against the rest. 

One way to achieve this is to write an understandable and compelling essay in which your strengths and best qualities will be revealed in an effective manner. 

This is your opportunity to demonstrate them and convince committee members why do you deserve this scholarship. With convincing language, careful editing, and a reasoned demonstration of your goal, you can increase the effectiveness of your essay.


To convincingly demonstrate your skills, you can use spaces that reflect strengths. A strengths blank is a short statement that talks about one of your strengths and provide a concrete example of its use. 

A story supported by quantified results (e.g., numbers, amounts, or percentages) will enhance the effect. From it, your merits and ability to achieve results will be clear, which in turn will show whether you meet the requirements for a scholarship.

Most educational institutions require you to write an essay on the topic “why do you deserve this scholarship.” Think about your accomplishments that you are most proud of. Using one specific experience as an example, write a short story that demonstrates your abilities and strengths. 

If you can summarize this story in a concise and convincing form in your essay for a scholarship, which will make committee members want to know more about you, your essay will leave a strong impression on those who read it.

Why do you deserve this scholarship? – Suggestions

  • Convince that the content of the essay is consistent with its general-purpose or chosen topic.
  • Follow the sentence structure and choose the right words. On the one hand, your essay should not be like excerpts from the explanatory dictionary, and on the other, it should demonstrate the presence of knowledge and high culture.
  • Reread your essay carefully. Punctuation and grammatical errors can greatly weaken its credibility.
  • Before submitting your essay, ask an adviser, teacher, friend, or person with excellent editing skills to review it.
  • Follow the directions for applying with accuracy. Each scholarship committee defines specific essay requirements. For example, “provide an essay consisting of 500-600 words with single spacing between lines.” If your essay consists of 850 words with double spacing between lines, the committee will not accept it.

Moreover, even if half of the class wrote off your essays, this does not mean that the essay will be given to you easily. This genre has its own characteristics. Can you sell yourself with less than 3,000 characters using text? If not, then it’s useful for you to familiarize yourself with the basic steps to create the right essay, or Killer Scholarship Essay on the topic “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” 

Brian Davis, the marketing coordinator for International Student Loan, shared a scheme to help write an outstanding essay. These tips will be useful to everyone who collects a package of documents for international education.

There are a lot of applicants for scholarships. The funds will help to get a foreign diploma, and yet they do not need to be given back later. Of course, to find funding for the study, you need to work hard.

For the students who searches for scholarships that suits their college needs. you can check a list of those scholarships in the below articles you may find the scholarship that you look for:

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Here are the recommended steps to follow when you write outstanding “why do you deserve this scholarship” :

1. Define a topic

The first and main task is to formulate the question that the text will answer. Study the features of the organization that provides financing, determine its values. Do not be lazy. Organize information by points. You can also contact the institution directly and ask what the essay should be about or what the main topic needs to be revealed.

2. Analyze Your Experience

Having identified the topic of the essay, proceed to the collection of material that will serve as the basis of the document. Formulate a simple question for yourself, the answer to which you need to find in your biography. For example, how will your past experience in entrepreneurship help international business in the future? Or why do you deserve this scholarship?

To answer this question, you need to structure your experience – in the form of a list, map, or in any other format. Try not to miss anything, formulate and write down specifically.

After that, go to the second part of the question: in this case, this is your contribution to the future of international business. Identify existing problems in the industry. Compare these two parts, that is, analyze how your experience will help to cope with difficulties. Be extremely specific.

3. Brainstorm

Experience is good but to get around the competition and get a scholarship, you need ideas. Cool and fresh. At this point, proceed to the brainstorm. For a quality result, structure the process. Identify simple questions you need to find answers to within your field. 

For example, the time difference, cultural features, how the work process differs. During brainstorming, be sure to write down all ideas on paper or a voice recorder so as not to miss anything.

4. Identify the main idea

After that, you need to highlight the main idea, which will become your main trump card. Refer to the Q&A technique again. To do this, formulate a simple question that reflects the essence. Example: “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” This will give you the main message of the essay.

5. Write a draft

Record in the draft what you analyzed, remembered and invented. Create a complete and clear picture. Avoid complex language, write your story. Tell them who you are and why you do all this at all. Personalized and clear language will play in your favor when the commission reads the essay. 

6. Take a Timeout

Complete the first edition and set the document aside. Ventilate for a few hours, do other things. Meet with friends, tidy up your apartment or garden, do exercises, run around in the park. Do not think about the task, switch and rest.

7. Return to start

After a break, carefully read the essay, evaluate its contents. Analyze whether you took everything into account and whether it was possible to convey the main idea. Do you like the text? Give the document to a friend and ask for an honest assessment. 

Do not wait for praise and do not be afraid of constructive criticism, at this stage it can be useful. If you decide to write an essay in English (this could be your second language), give it to a control person who knows, even if you have a high level. No such friend? Find a foreigner and offer him a reward.

8. Consider the Deadline

It would seem that it could be more commonplace. But candidates are fond of the preparation process and forget about the last date for receiving documents. You spent a lot of time and effort on an essay, remember the deadline for submitting applications for a scholarship. Otherwise, all the work was in vain.

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