Where To Study Medicine In Europe?

What is the best places to study medicine in Europe?. Can you tell me which is the best country to study medicine in Europe? Or, what are the best international medical schools? These are some of the most common questions for students who want to study medicine abroad ask frequently. So, in this post, we will try our level best to address these common questions. We prepared a list of the best med schools in Europe to help our students. So please: Read on! 

1. Medical Sciences of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

The Division of Medical Sciences of the University of Oxford does not lack anything in the competition to Dundee or its superior rival school, Cambridge. 

Winners of Myriad’s Nobel Prize have emerged from the halls of Oxford, medical scientists among them. There are 21 departments along with a prominent cancer research department making it one of the best foreign medical schools.

Because of the highly advanced research centers and well-know professors that are available in Oxford. In addition to the long history of achievements, we can say that The Division of Medical Sciences of the University of Oxford is one of the best medical schools in Europe.  

2. University of Navarra (Spain)

It is one of the most innovative med schools in Spain. It encourages students to be able to practice from the first year, because of their simulation centers facilitating the process. This university has always been one of the most prestigious faculties in the field of Medicine, although its cost is higher than other medical schools in Spain.

There is some point we should mention here about medical school overseas like this medical school in Spain they mostly accepts international students because of special and high study achievements in their past. What we are trying to say here is to study medicine abroad is a long process it should started while you still a high school student, to pay attention to requirements that those universities ask for and work on achieving as much as you can to be accepted in one of the reputable medical schools in Europe.

3. University of Heidelberg (Germany)

One of the best EU medical schools. It has an excellent department of medicine with more than six decades of tradition in education and research. With all its great reputation this department of medicine has gone through a series of struggles to establish a scientific center in the institution which emphasizes research and support in the promotion of research calendars. 

Today, the university has an intense and interactive environment of international recognition, widely recognized for its research quality. As a result, it attracts students from all over the world and this why experts call it one of the best international medical schools.

4. University of Lubeck (Germany)

Predicted with great fame in the field of research, the medical school of Lubeck is ready to fight against any evil that occurs in the medicine of the 21st century. 

They focus strongly on infections and inflammatory phenomena, brain, behavior and metabolism, genetics and medical technology (Biomedicine). Students receive a great education in Technical knowledge needed for the future. They are also equipped with technical skills, scientific work and social and ethical skills. Those features made this university one of the best med schools in Europe.

5. University of Dundee (United Kingdom)

The best-classified university in the United Kingdom is not in England but in the north of Scotland. The school is unique in that its medical school consists of three small schools: School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and School of Nursing and Obstetrics. 

Located in Dundee, the second largest large city after Edinburgh, the University is in a modest urban setting. Students applying to Dundee Medical College must follow the same application procedures that apply for undergraduate studies at the university. It is one of the most prestigious medical schools outside the US

University of Dundee represents a great option for those who wants to study medicine in Europe in English.

6. Magdeburg University (Germany)

Following the combination of a technical university, training for school teachers and a medical school since 1993, Magdeburg University is one of the newest universities in the state. 

The medical school provides around 1300 experts trained in dealing with a wide range of serious diseases in Saxony region. They place great emphasis on cooperation between the team of teachers and the students. 

If you want to see patients this is the ideal university, with all this said this institution offers excellent practice oriented to medical education for students with a desire to be great doctors.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great medical schools abroad that help international students to get the medical degree they are looking for and prepare them to be professional doctors.

We wish that our list could give you an idea about your best choices of med schools in Europe. In addition, If you want, you can check more top universities and see other options to study abroad

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