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What Is My College Board ID?


The student id number is actually the identification number that is provided by the school, college, or university. Every school or college has a unique pattern for id. The id contains some alphabetical characters followed by a number. For example, if you are studying in a certain university and you are from the department of biology, then your id should look something like “Bi019001.” This shows that you are studying biology and you were enrolled in 2019 and the “001” shows that you were selected as the first student to enter the course this year.

What is the purpose of the Student ID?

Colleges and Universities of all sizes rely on ID cards. It is a unique way to improve security while at the same time delivering a good deal of convenience for students. As security is becoming a top concern for most colleges and universities, it is important for these educational institutions to make it a priority and maintain effective student ID programs. 

ID number typically contains the number of the student, the department, and the year in which he or she has enrolled. On the other hand, there are photo identification cards, which usually contain the photo of the student and other unique data or information such as the name of the student, his or her address, and department. Teachers can search students on university portals using the student’s id number. Search by name is quite difficult because there are many students with the same name. 

Recently, the education department in many countries is concerned with campus and student security. Violence on campus at all education levels has dramatically increased. Sometimes, this violence comes from outside forces. Most of the time, it is from within the campus. So, students and college administration have recognized the importance of issuing unique Ids to students and faculty. 

What is my College Board ID?

It is a unique number, which is used to create a College Board account on the website. This number is also used for the College Board test. Similarly, if you want to have any other official interaction with the College Board, you can use this number to send your essential information or receive any reports from the College Board. Some scholarship programs or educational institutions may also ask for the College Board ID. They ask for it to confirm your identity. 

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How to find College Board id?

If you are using a computer and took on PSAT, SAT, NMSQT, PSAT 8/9, and then you can simply log in using your username and password at the Student Score Reports. The next step is to click on “View Details” and then download the report. When you download the report, you will see that the College Board ID is mentioned in the score report. On the other hand, if you are using a mobile device, then we recommend you to contact customer support to access your College Board ID.  

What are the ID requirements for SAT?

Do you know your admission ticket is not enough? Do you also know that it cannot get you into the test center? Well, to answer these questions, you need to follow our guidelines. This way, you won’t get turned away. In addition, you are keenly responsible for comprehending and following these requirements. 

Your ID document should meet all of the requirements. You must have a photo ID issued by the government or by your college that you currently attend. College IDs from the prior college year is also valid through December of the current year. It should be an original and physical document. 

College Board does not accept electronic or photocopied Ids. Mention your full and legal name as it appears on the admission test. Bear a recognizable photo, which clearly matches your appearance on test day as well as the photograph on your admission ticket. Your ID should also be in good condition. It should clearly state in English language text. Your ID must also have a clearly visible photo. 

What kind of IDs are acceptable?

College Board accepts a driver’s license issued by the government. It also accepts non-driver ID. College Board also accepts official college-produced ID card from the college you currently attend. In addition, government-issued passports are also accepted. The global Entry Identification number is also accepted by the College Board. However, it must be U.S based. A national identification card or government-issued military cards are allowed to enter in SAT test. Talent Search Identification forms are allowed for eighth-graders. SAT ID Form should also be prepared by the college you are currently attend. If you are attending any college, then it must be prepared by the notary. 

What kind of IDs are not acceptable?

College Board will not accept any document, which does not meet the official requirements. For example, if your document is torn, worn, scarred, scuffed, or otherwise damaged, College Board will cancel your registration and won’t allow you to appear in SAT tests. Similarly, there are restrictions on electronic documents that are presented on a device. Any document or ID, which appears digitally altered or tampered will be canceled and reported right away. If your ID bears some statements like “not valid as identification,” in this case, you won’t be allowed to sit in the Test. Debit cards or credit cards of any kind with photographs are absolutely not allowed. Moreover, employee ID cards, social security cards, birth certificates, or any temporary card are also not allowed to sit in the SAT test. 


In this article, we have told you about the importance of college id number or card – in general. We have also given the purpose of college or university ID numbers or cards and why every college is so keen about the use of unique IDs. 

At the same time, we have given you important information about “what is my College Board ID” and “how to find College Board ID.” Lastly, we have mentioned the ID requirements for the SAT test in detail. Using this information, you can easily find your College Board ID and avoid any problems that are associated with your SAT test appearance, receiving or sending your scores, and using the College Board Portal.

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