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What Are The Best Research Universities?


The ranking of the Best Research Universities in the World is consulted every year through the QS World University Rankings. This company takes the work of analyzing each of the university institutions that exist on the planet, in order to assess what position it deserves for its educational performance.

To do this, Quacquarelli Symonds conducts an in-depth study of the contributions and research that these universities have given each year to world development, so the fame that the institution already has is not always taken as a reference.

Of course, it is hardly logical from the Best Research Universities in the World the most notable characters always graduate. The Quacquarelli Symonds Company also establishes a study of the best research universities according to certain geographical territories.

For many students in the world, knowing this information is important to identify in which university to be formed, or to aspire to have a scholarship.

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In this article, you will know what exactly the Best Research Universities in the World are in 2019-2020 according to a study by Quacquarelli Symonds. It is only natural that the countries of these universities correspond to developed nations.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (United States)

This university is simply known by the acronym of MIT. The census indicates that it has 10,320 students, of which 6,184 are in postgraduate training. As the name implies, it is located in the city of Cambridge, in the state of Massachusetts, United States. The university was founded in the year 1861 and today has a total of 78 graduate winners of the Nobel Prize.

Some of its most notable characters who studied in this university are David Scott, Noam Chomsky, Charles Duke, and Kofi Annan. MIT is one of the Best Universities in the World that stands out for offering university careers related to science, technology, and scientific research. The reason why many of their graduates end up working for agencies as important as NASA. Even so, it also has programs related to humanities and art, as well as in relation to medicine and health.

2. Stanford University (United States)

As one of the World’s Best Research Universities, Stanford offers training programs in a wide variety of areas. Just as he has a strong degree in engineering and finance, you can also find careers related to art, humanities, and law.

Another of its strengths is found above all in relation to business and education. The university was founded in 1890 and currently has 15,877 students, 8897 of them are undergraduate students. Several notable characters have graduated from this university as Nobel Prize winners. Some of them are Richard E. Taylor, Paul Berg, Felix Bloch, and Gary Becker. The list of Nobel Prizes is made up of a total of 27 people.

A very important fact to highlight about this university is that it is located in San Francisco, more exactly in what represents the heart of Silicon Valley, which represents the epicenter of action of research and development companies such as Google and Apple.

3. Harvard University (United States)

Harvard University would appear sooner rather than later. Its history dates back to the year of 1636 and is located, like MIT, in the city of Cambridge. Its number of students amounts to 21,200, of which a majority of 14,500 are studying in postgraduate courses.

The university has a wide variety of courses and professional programs, which are taught through 12 schools. So, you can find careers related to the world of engineering, finance, arts, law, among others. The most interesting thing about Harvard is its John F. Kennedy School of Government, which focuses on preparing people for public life and politics.

There are many graduates of that school who end up occupying positions of mayors, ministers, and presidents. Among its graduate students and today recognized as notable characters are: Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Matt Damon, John F. Kennedy, and Mark Zuckerberg.

4. California Institute of Technology – Caltech (United States)

In all likelihood, the highlight of the California Institute of Technology, as the World’s Best Research Universities, is that it is the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For the same reason, this is an institution focused mostly on the development of technology and science. Most of all you will find programs about engineering.

This university was founded in the year 1891. And despite the great reputation it has, its student number is quite small compared to the institutions outlined in this article. The average is only 2240 students, among which around 1200 study postgraduate. 

The list of notable characters who have graduated from this university is considerably long. Nothing more in the matter of Nobel Prizes, the list exceeds thirty people. Some of these are Thomas Hunt Morgan, Linus Carl Pauling, Murray Gell-Mann, and Donald Arthur Glaser. It has generated a great harvest of Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine.

5. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

From the United States, we jump to Europe. On this occasion, within this count of Best Universities of the World, is the University of Cambridge, whose foundation dates from the year 1209. That is, it is an institution that has a long history and trajectory, thus allowing great minds to have had the opportunity to study in their classrooms. 

This university has a total of 31 schools or colleges. Interestingly, each of them has its own shield, differentiating between them not only by their training programs. Among these, they compete in various sports tournaments, which will remind you in a certain way what happens with the magic schools of the Harry Potter universe. The university has a wide wealth of subjects and studies careers. Just as engineering and finance-related are found, you will also find those focused on art, literature, humanities, and law.

It has an average of 16,000 students, of which 11,900 are in undergraduate. Famous students such as Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Isaac Newton, Emma Watson, and Lord Byron, among others, have graduated from this university.

6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)

This institution was founded in 1855 and currently has an average of 13,000 students, of which about 8,900 are in undergraduate training. University programs are related more than scientific research and development, as is the case of medicine and engineering in electronics, mechanics, and chemistry. You can also study civil engineering and architecture. However, it also has a faculty for the study of human, social and political sciences.

This university has a total of 21 Nobel Prizes; the list focuses on winners in chemistry, medicine, and physics. Some of them are Otto Stern, Richard Kuhn, Peter Debye, Leopold Ruzicka, and Wolfgang Pauli. The great genius Albert Einstein also studied in this university. 

Remember, regardless of the University where you decide to study, it is you who, with your discipline, dedication, creativity, and determination, can make you an excellent professional willing not only to be the best in your field but with the willingness to contribute to society with your knowledge and experience and make this world a better place.

If you want some helpful tips for you in your study abroad journey you can check our study abroad tips you will find some helpful advice.

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