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Top 8 Best Colleges in Oregon USA


There are many educational institutions in the State of Oregon that offer a wide range of degrees and subjects. After researching and analyzing the data, we have come up with the best colleges in Oregon. So, without further ado, let us jump into the main topic and tell you about the each one of those colleges, who knows maybe you can fine the one for you 😉 . So Please Read on! 

1. Reed College

The college is characterized by its educational innovation and personalized attention to the student, offering a truly educational experience. The college provides students with the necessary tools for the construction of their own learning and not only focuses on academic performance but also on personal development.

The college offers a wide educational offer, including the stage from national to international baccalaureate. In this pillar lie its educational excellence that is combined with constant innovation, a team of experienced teachers and a psycho-pedagogical team that meets the needs of each student.

Reed College offers various activities developed in its facilities. Students can enjoy music, enhance their physical development through education in sports, and promote creativity and artistic sensibility. The research-based activities and projects make this institution one of the best colleges in Oregon.

Reed College offer financial support for many of its students each year and help them with their study expenses and offer a great chance for them to cover college money.

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2. Lewis & Clark College

This college has a great social initiative and with a clear objective: to offer society a quality education, innovative and focused on Christian values. Parents are the main protagonists in the education of their young ones, who are part of a moral and human legacy that is still alive.

This is a research-based institution that focuses on routines, skills and habits with the mind, as well as promoting curiosity and admiration and all those emotions that promote learning. Its objective is to train students so that they can function successfully in scientific environments.

3. Linfield College

Linfield College seeks to promote the integral development of the student through a close collaboration between scientists, researchers, and IT experts. They define themselves as a plural, apolitical, and secular and based on democratic values.

They aim to promote among students ethical values ​​such as the dignity of the person, human rights, democratic participation and functioning, mutual respect, non-sexist education, rejection of violence, respect for the environment. 

In general, the societies developed in this college have rights contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Beyond the usual subjects, there is a great effort in which students have knowledge about matters related to society, such as road safety, sex education or volunteer programs.

4. Pioneer Pacific College

This college intends to influence the education of students in a global way, contemplating and attending to their needs and motivations in all aspects that affect their development. It works the three essential areas that intervene to achieve an integral education, necessary to build those basic pillars that allow students to grow and mature properly in the scientific disciplines. 

Pioneer Pacific College also has a specialized program for extracurricular activities. The educational project is also based on the development of sports activities, which has become one of the fundamental pillars of the institution. This will improve the students’ self-esteem, as well as work values ​​of fellowship and communication.

5. Warner Pacific College

Warner Pacific College is based on the characteristics of educational cooperatives: political and religious neutrality. It is not understood as indifference to political and social structures, but as a manifestation of freedom and independence with respect to any political, economic or religious group.

Warner Pacific College offers a wide range of subjects including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, and Business Management. The college has a state-of-the-art research facility, which allows students to work closely on their projects using advanced technological tools. 

6. George Fox University

When talking about the best colleges in Oregon we should for sure mention George Fox University as one of the best in the region. Students in George Fox University stand out in a wide variety of sports and scientific disciplines, taking advantage of the various facilities of the university itself. It has one of the largest academic offerings in the country by offering a total of 27 careers that cover virtually all areas of study. 

These plans are designed to be taken in a school or face-to-face manner, for semi-annual periods and the duration may vary from four to five years depending on the requirements of each career.

George Fox University is one of the most outstanding universities in the country for its quality and projection. They promote research and entrepreneurship in their students through a multicultural environment and comprehensive training. They always consider a local vision of the global and the exchange of ideas between different intellects.

Its quality programs and processes are nationally and internationally accredited, and its graduates quickly participate in the labor market. Its campus is one of the largest in the region and its residences for students are located within the circuit.

7. University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is recognized as one of the best universities in Oregon, with national and international prestige. They seek to contribute to a free, supportive, inclusive and peaceful society. They promote the training of professionals and researchers with great human and intellectual quality, competitive worldwide.

The university respects and accepts all ideologies. The educational model present in the school considers academic excellence, emotional maturity, ethical responsibility and experience of transcendence. 

It is integrated by values ​​and pedagogical experiences that have as their characteristics the utility, the promotion of justice, the humanistic formation and the experience of the faith. This makes the house of studies characterized by its academic leadership and social commitment.

8. University of Western States

The University of Western States is one of the best scientific and research-based educational institutions. At the same time, this university is open to all creeds. Its educational model includes the Personal Training Plan, which allows you to design a personal and unique plan of your career and student training, through which you will reach your maximum potential. 

This program is developed in three major phases in which you can count on personalized vocational guidance for the selection of your career, the choice of specific activities and courses. The state-of-the-art facility with a large library, computer labs, and research lab is what makes this one of the best colleges in Oregon. 

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Choosing a college to start your college life and change your future is not an easy task and that is why you will need a lot of help and a lot of research before you can make your decision and as you see the list above about the best colleges in Oregon is just the starting point for you But to help you more we recommend you to check our study abroad tips and our top universities worldwide.
We have a lot to share with you if you want to study in the USA or even if you search for study abroad countries other than the US.

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