Top 5 New Zealand Universities

New Zealand is not just a beautiful country full of amazing natural views. It is also a homeland for a big number of internationally recognized universities . its universities attracts a lot of international students from many countries. We chose 5 universities to talk about in our article to help you see New Zealand from another perspective. Why have we chosen them? These are five nationally and internationally recognized institutions, leaders in different fields and themes. Surely, you will find one that gives you the career, master degree, doctorate degree or specialty that you are looking for. Educationists say that New Zealand Universities offer the best research-based education in the world. 

In addition, these five best universities in New Zealand have two things in common: they are public and are among the 500 best universities in the world. Keep reading this article to know the best universities of New Zealand.

There are many universities and colleges in New Zealand. Below, we show you the list of universities in New Zealand and/or options to study a the career you like in one of New Zealand universities.

1. The University of Auckland

It is located in the city of the same name. Currently, it is the best public university in the country, since it is part of the ranking of the best 100 universities in the world with the position #82. 

The university is one of the best institutions to teach careers such as Accounting and Finance, Education, Psychology, Law, Linguistics, Geography, Architecture, Studies for Development, English Language and Literature, Business Management and Sociology. Its enrollment is 42 thousand students, of which 6 thousand are international students. If you want to study a Ph.D. at this university, you will surely be well received.

2. The University of Otago

The University of Otago is the second most recognized university institution in the country. It has offices in different cities: Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch. Worldwide, it ranks 173 in the ranking of the best universities in the world. 

Although it is below the University of Auckland, it also achieved 5 stars of reputation in 2016, the highest rating awarded to the universities in the world. Its specialty is dentistry and health sciences, however, it offers more than 190 undergraduate and graduate programs that include careers in Science, Humanities, and Business. It also has distance education programs. If you have the opportunity to be part of this institution, you will enjoy an attractive campus.

3. The University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury also has a 5-star rating and occupies the position 210 worldwide. In the country, it is the third most important university. It is located in the City of Christchurch and was founded by scholars of Cambridge and Oxford in 1873. 

Today it is one of the institutions with the greatest presence in the country’s research. By graduating from their classrooms, students often become leaders in their fields, have the best positions, get easier acceptance into prestigious university programs and have secure research positions throughout the world. The areas it handles with prestige are Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering and Science, and Law.

4. The Victoria University

The Victoria University of the city of Wellington holds the position 229 globally, and the fourth position nationwide. Its specialty is political science, but it has an excellent reputation for teaching Arts and Humanities. 

It has nine faculties that are divided into schools where Research-Architecture-Design, Education, Engineering, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Law, Science and Business are taught. 

In addition, it has an international projection, since it has student exchange links with universities in the Pacific, Asia, North and South America and Europe. It would not be a bad idea to find a program like these in your country.

5. Massey University

Finally, Massey University, which also has 5 stars and ranks 337 worldwide, is the fifth most demanded university in the country. It has campuses in the cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Palmerston North. Its specialty is a veterinary degree, although it also has an excellent reputation in Social Sciences and Administration. In the same way, it is a leader in Design and Education. Its population is 19 thousand local and international students in face-to-face mode, and 18 thousand distance students – making it one of the best universities in New Zealand.

Do you consider New Zealand now as a good destination for your education? Share your thoughts with us below and check our our blog for more tips and study abroad information.

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