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Top 5 Best Universities in France


For foreign students who wish to study in France, it is important to know the best universities there. For the 2019 World Ranking of Universities of the Times Higher Education, there are 31 institutions in France among the most important in the world. This ranking presents nine Parisian institutions. One of them is with the highest representation in France. There are also different options throughout the country. There are many universities and colleges in France. However, in this article, we are going to tell you about top 5 best universities in France

1. PSL Research University Paris

The Paris Research University of Sciences and Letters – PSL contains 25 research and study institutions around Paris. It was founded in April 2010 by 5 prominent universities in France: the College de France, the École Normale Supérieure, the Observatory of Paris, ESPCI ParisTech and Chimie ParisTech. In the university context, the university is a synthesis between the old ones that were created during the regime of the Enlightenment era and the new institutions.

Its main objective is to become one of the main research centers in the world. The entity has also linked with other leading companies in the world, such as the University of Cambridge, University College London, Peking University and the National Taiwan University. They have been awarded a total of 22 awards to researchers in physics, chemistry, literature, physiology and medicine and economics.

2. Polytechnic School

This is one of the top universities in France. The polytechnic school focuses particularly on the sectors of science and technology. Science and Glory is the slogan of the institution. The school is located in the Parisian district of Palaiseau , just over 10 miles from the center of Paris. It has more than 3,000 students. Despite the low annual income, about 30% of the student body is international, and there are students from other countries who receive special care and preparatory programs.

They offer an interdisciplinary work, offering an approach that combines the teaching of the first cycle with the postgraduate in various subjects and specialties. Graduates need to take a course in Philosophy and Arts and Sports among the six programs in the Department of Science and engineering. For the admission of pre-university students, it is necessary to do two years of instruction during secondary education before presenting a week of written admission exams and then an oral examination.

3. Pierre and Marie Curie University

Organic division of the University of Paris decided to establish the Pierre and Marie Curie University in 1970 . It has the largest number of scientific and medical education establishments in the country. It also contains 30,000 full-time university students on the Jussieu campus, located in the Latin Quarter of Paris. They have eight hospital schools and it is also a recognized university for its excellence in mathematics.

A large number of partners of the university have awarded numerous Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine since the conquest of Pierre Curie and Marie Curie in 1903. Around 5000 Researchers and Professors work in the four divisions. Approximately 20 percent of the students are foreigners. There are about 3,000 doctoral candidates in 16 doctoral schools.

4. University of Paris-Sud

Another great university, the Paris-Sud University, houses just under 30,000 students from its campuses located in the southern neighborhoods of Paris. Both the University and its Orsay Center collaborate massively in the world of physics and chemistry. It has some of the prestigious laboratories of France, in areas of inquiry such as nuclear physics, astrophysics, atomic physics, Nano science, and particle physics.

The partners of the university has awarded the Nobel Laureates and the three Fields medals. Among the graduates are Bertrand Serlet, former vice president of software engineering at Apple. Paris-Sud University has around 4,800 foreign students who come from 125 different countries.

5. Normal Superior School of Lyon

It is one of the four best-situated universities in France. At the same time the only it is one of the top 5 located outside of Paris. Normal Superior School of Lyon established after the Revolution and since then has brought talents such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Louis Pasteur, and Simone Weil. Most of the students in local pre-university schools are recruited, although a fraction of them are admitted if they pass the entrance exams.

conclusion : France is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe with its well-known institutions and universities. It gives any student a big chance to get a recognized university degree that assure him/her a great future.
You can share in the comments below any other great french universities that you know to help other students.
And from this link you can check more top universities in the world.

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