Top 5 Best Student Cities In USA

Foreign students do not only seek quality education but also look for the environment in which they can study accurately and in a safe and secure way.  Students always search for best universities in the best student cities.

There are many cities in the United States that have numerous universities and colleges, which offer high quality education and a safe environment for students. 

So, what are the best cities for college students and/or best cities for students that come from foreign countries to the United States? 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best student cities in the US. Read on! 

1. Brookline, Massachusetts

Home to multiple universities, this historic suburb of Boston tops the list for the first time. Brookline only saw fourteen violent crimes in 2018, according to the most recent FBI crime report. There were no charges of murder or aggravated assault – making it one of the best cities for college students to live.

As the article of best top universities stated in its report about the best cities for students in the last year.

2. Deerfield, Illinois

With only five violent crimes in 2018, Deerfield is a city that is willing to be brave if that means keeping residents safe. Recently, this University City amended the Village Code to prohibit assault weapons and large-capacity pistol loaders. 

Although an injunction against the prohibition was filed, the town still approved the amendment. Nor is it wrong that this school has been founded on Christian values. So, it is the best student city in the United States after Brookline. 

With a yearly influx of around 3,500 students, the faithful population positively contributes to the friendly and safe community that thrives in Deerfield.

3. Rexburg, Idaho

This small town in Southeast Idaho continues as one of the safest university cities, remaining in third place for the second year in a row. It is correspondingly one of the anodyne cities in the Gem state.

In general, the city reported less than 200 crimes in 2018, and only nine were violent. And at BYU-Idaho, less than twenty-five crimes were reported in 2018, according to the university’s annual criminal report.

4. Upper Dublin Township, PA

A friendly suburb of Philadelphia: Upper Dublin is a family oriented community where multiple generations have taken root.

To help keep those families and the more than 3,000 university students in the city safe, the Upper Dublin police implemented a security camera registration program. This initiative inspires collaboration between law enforcement and residents to help deter (and trap) offenders.

Not only is it one of the best cities for education but also for the safe environment. Students from all over the world come here for quality education. Thus, it is one of the best student cities in the United States

5. Wellesley, Massachusetts

This safe university community is right in the middle of the Boston Marathon. It is also home to the famous Wellesley College, which has been encouraging female students and educating women in various fields for over 100 years.

The women leaders are working hard to expand their minds in the institution Wellesley College. They are part of a safe and secure community, which reported fewer than 165 total crimes in 2018. And on campus, people only report 23 crimes in total.

These low crime rates fit with the charming architecture and idyllic views by which Wellesley is known.

When a student starts planning to study abroad he cares about finding a good university in a friendly place. The journey to find the best city to study abroad is not an easy job so we hope that our post help our readers. Share with us if you know any good places to study abroad and live as a student.

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