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Top 5 Best German Universities


Germany is a reference country in the academic field and one of best places to study in Europe. German universities made several major discoveries. To give you an idea, Germany is one of the nations with the most Nobel Prizes in history.

Although this, by itself, is already a gimmick to study there, in addition to cutting-edge education, much can be discovered in German universities. Constructions of memorable architecture and effervescent culture on the campuses and the cities that house them are just some of the attractions.

In this article, we’ll talk a little about the top 5 best German Universities so keep reading in order to get the most out of it. 

Prerequisites for university admission

We will list some of the prerequisites for entry to German universities so you have an idea of ​​what it will take for you to enter one of these institutions. We emphasize, however, that each one has its specific characteristics.

You must have an intermediate or advanced level in German and/or English. In some cases, you will need to obtain certificates of proficiency in those languages. Some examples are TOEFL for English and DSH for German because this is your best way to get admission to the best universities in Germany for international students

Another requirement is the presentation of previously acquired diplomas – with a sworn translation into German. The presentation of professional curricula and passing qualification tests carried out by institutions are also examples of usual prerequisites. 

As a Side Note: If you want to know more about the education system in Germany in details you can check our post : Study Abroad in Germany : All You Need To Know

Best German Universities

Below, we will list some of the best universities in the country. The QS World University Rankings evaluation, for example, took into account such factors as academic and employee reputation, the prestige of its affiliates, when available, student success and ease of access to foreign students. Here is our list of the top 5 best German universities :

1. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich, also known as TUM, is consistently one of the best German universities. The institution was founded in 1868 and is part of TU9, group of the nine most prestigious German technical universities.

The Technical University of Munich currently has more than 40,000 students, 24% of whom are foreigners, distributed among its 14 faculties. TUM currently receives 304 million euros in third-party research investments. Broad areas of expertise: Mathematics, Engineering, and Biological Sciences.

2. University Ludwig and Maximilian of Munich

The University Ludwig and Maximilian of Munich is founded in 1472 and located in the heart of Munich.
The institution currently has just over 51,000 students, of which 15% are foreigners in its 18 faculties.
Europe recognizes this university as one of the most important European centers of academic research.
For those interested in health care, the Medical Center of the University of Munich is a renowned university hospital and treats an average of 500,000 patients per year. Broad areas of expertise: from Humanities to Cultural Studies, passing through Economic Sciences, Law and Natural Sciences and Medicine.

3. Technical University of Berlin

This is one of the top universities in Berlin, located in the capital of the country and has nearly 35,000 students in its seven colleges. It is also part of the TU9 group and has grown dramatically in recent years in the rankings that qualify the best universities. Engineering is the most highlighted subject there. In addition, there are other broad areas of expertise: Infrastructure and Mobility, Energy Systems, Communication Systems, and Health.

4. University of Heidelberg

The best university in Germany, University of Heidelberg, was founded in 1386. It is the oldest university in Germany, with 632 years of existence. It has almost 30,000 students, distributed among its 20 colleges. This institution has a strong international orientation and has an exchange policy with more than 450 universities around the world. Broad areas of expertise: Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Life and Medicine.

5. Humboldt University of Berlin

The Humboldt University of Berlin was founded in Berlin in 1810. At the time of its founding, the educator Wilhelm von Humboldt conferred on the institution the title of “Mother of all modern universities.” It currently has more than 33,000 students in its nine colleges. Broad areas of expertise: Humanities and Arts.

In conclusion, German universities are one of the best choices for students who want to make the right step into a brighter future and remarkable carrier.

Please do not forget to share with us your opinion and recommendations for other German universities. Check more choices here for top universities in Europe.

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