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Top 5 Best Colleges in Illinois USA


Do you want to know about the best colleges in Illinois? There are many colleges and universities in Illinois. It is no surprise to tell you that most universities and colleges in the U.S provide high-quality education but when it comes to Illinois, we have chosen the best colleges and universities. So if you want to know more please Read on!

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1. Southern Illinois University (SIU)

With an unparalleled and traditional approach to opportunity and innovation, Southern Illinois University is recognized by the country for its excellence in research, academics, creativity, etc. It received the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching community engagement rating in 2015.

This institution is formed by 8 academic faculties, including Engineering. Liberal Science and Arts, which teach a wide variety of rewarding courses. Through the School of Architecture, SIU is the only US public university in Illinois to offer specializations in marketing and fashion design.

Proudly inclusive, international students are part of a diverse community on campus, where 29% of enrolled students represent minorities. SIU is continuously ranked among the best institutions in the USA for the number of degrees awarded to racial and ethnic minority groups.

The great southern region of Illinois is full of breathtaking natural beauty. Moreover, recreational lakes, Parks, wildlife refuges and are situated close by, in addition to the wonderful 240,000-acre Shawnee National Forest. 

2. Northwestern University

Northwestern University students have the option of studying part of the course abroad. The purpose is allowing them to gain new experiences in another country and explore other cultures. 

The University offers a wide variety of support services to students during their studies, including a writing and math center to help them improve their skills, as well as additional support for the individual needs of students with disabilities.

Students are encouraged to involve with university clubs and societies, ranging from special interest societies to sports teams. Throughout the year, many events take place on campus, such as parties, karaoke nights and festivals. 

The University has a Career Center to assist students in all stages of the job search, from writing a resume and personal presentation to filling out a job application. Northwestern University’s educational commitment to Evanston, Illinois is evident from its partnerships with several local school districts. 

Northwestern University forms an essential part of the large community thanks to the positive change it can foster. Anyone who wants to know more about what happens at Northwestern University can also visit the official website.

3. Bradley University

Bradley University offers baccalaureate courses in the areas of Administration, Accounting, Economic Sciences, Advertising and Publicity, International Relations, Public Relations and many more, all recognized and synonymous with quality in higher education.

It also offers courses related to the areas of Management, Finance and MBA, all with a focus on professional development, leading to further improvement in your area and growth in the region where you come from. Another option is the Graduate Program, with the already traditional Master of Science in Accounting and the prestigious Master in Business Administration.

Thanks to its history and tradition in teaching, in recent years the institution has had the honor of receiving several recognitions regarding the quality of its courses. 

A good example of this highlight and recognition is the result of the 2018 edition, where Bradley University was among the 1% best classified private institutions and among the 2% best classified public and private institutions in all of Illinois, proving both the quality of their teaching as the confidence that the market has in their work.

4. Illinois College

Over time, the college grew and brought other courses to its range of offerings. Also, the sponsoring institution created new educational spaces. The institution offers students the possibility to carry out exchanges outside the U.S. To this end, it has agreements with dozens of colleges and universities in 21 countries.

Students can choose to participate in short-term programs, language courses, and undergraduate degrees. Students in computer courses can participate in programming marathons offered within the college. They are competitive events between different teams of programmers. The objective is for each group to be able to solve increasingly complex challenges.

The artificial intelligence area stands out within the college through the Robot project. It brings together undergraduate, master students from Engineering and Computer courses to develop robots of different types. The project started recently and has been an integral part of the institution’s research area. This college provides students with the possibility to participate in different research projects. Most of them encourage the development of practical activities and the construction of prototypes. Thus, this is one of the best colleges in Illinois. 

5. Illinois State University

This university has its origin in the year 1857. It has partnerships with educational institutions from 20 countries such as Germany, Canada, and South Korea. 

Through them, students can participate in exchange programs, which offers a great opportunity to acquire global knowledge, whether from new cultures or professional techniques. This generates a great differential in the curriculum and helps the professional after graduating to win a job vacancy.

Illinois State University has a methodological program with different ways of working on the learning process in students. In this way, the team develops extension activities, exchange and research programs, as well as investing in practical classes in laboratories. 

Cultural debates and programs are also highly valued. All spaces provide the necessary support to the pedagogical area for the student to have a complete academic development.

There are research centers in different areas of knowledge and are constantly publishing studies that seek to bring innovation and improve society’s quality of life. Alone, it accounts for 8% of all national research development. 

Programs and actions to encourage culture, whether expressed through visual arts, music, theater, dance, etc. Teachers value practical activities and are always attentive to connect the content of each discipline with the socioeconomic reality of today’s society.

The professional practice appears in the academy through internship programs that can be developed both in companies outside the university and on campuses. It has courses essentially offered in the face-to-face model, despite having some distance education programs.

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Studying in the US is a long process, it simply starts by finding the right university for you to apply to. We mentioned the best colleges in Illinois in this post and we have many more top universities you can check and compare to find the one for you. If you want more study abroad tips we have a lot of them on our study abroad blog.

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