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Top 16 Fundraising Ideas For College


Do you want to know about fundraising ideas for college? If yes, we have a list of the best ideas that will help you raise funds for college. In this article, you will find how to generate funds for your college, cause or project you want to support, and be successful with your proposed goal. Do not miss these 16 carefully chosen ideas for you. It all depends on your mood and the desire that you put into this noble action!

Here is our list of best fundraising ideas for college, Let us start:

1. Sale of Cakes

Who doesn’t love a cake? Impossible truth. What better, than start the day with a piece of cake? Sell ​​it in Schools, Colleges or Universities that are perfect places to find clientele and that you can finance your volunteer trip and support one of the causes. Do not forget to ask for the necessary permits in each institution. So cheer up and don’t miss this great opportunity!

2. College Competitions

A fun way to raise funds is to do competitions. How about a sport competition like swimming, soccer or volleyball, of course, it’s up to you. You can compete as a couple or in groups. Get donors to give the prizes and charge admission to the event. No doubt this idea will capture people’s attention and they will want to participate either to be an observer or a participant. 

3. Raffles

It is certainly one of our favorite ideas, we say it from our own experience. Getting prizes is not a problem, they can be obtained from donors, such as your friends, family or neighbors or even you. 

It is not necessary for prizes to be extremely expensive. Remember that it is for a solidarity cause. Do not hesitate for a moment and get to work.

4. Sale of Food 

“The saying goes, that food comes through the eyes” then what better idea, than to make a food event. But it would not be any food event, this event will be characterized by volunteer chefs who want to support your cause. If this is not possible, then you can prepare the meal with people who help you, such as your friends, who will surely be willing to support you. The important thing is to put a heart on the things you do since teamwork will always succeed.

5. Flea Market

The idea of ​​selling used things that are in good condition has become increasingly famous, so why don’t we do it? For the flea market, you can collect items such as clothes, books, shoes, stuffed animals, accessories, household items. In short, there is much to collect. Search your closet and you will surely find something that can be useful, go to your friends, family, and neighbors. Just put all your energy and good luck. This is one of the best fundraising ideas for college. 

6. Have a Party

Be creative! Here is full authority for your ideas, it can be a costume party or a simple meeting with snacks. Invite your friends and family to your home. To learn about your cause, show them an introductory video of what you want to do. With this, you realize to involve people to support you.

7. Cinema

Do you like movies? Who does not? For this idea, you can ask for the support of a college to lend you the auditorium or at home. You can also make popcorn and drinks. Make sure the movie is good and before passing it, let the attendees watch a video of the cause you support.

8. Friends Support

Gather a group of friends who support you. Potentialize each of its capabilities for your cause. For example, a friend can paint pictures, another paint nails, and another is good for singing and so on. And finally, you make an event in a college, university or plaza.

9. Chess or Video Games Competition

It is a great opportunity to gather people who like chess or video games. Form groups for each competition and in this way you can collect donations. How to do it? Easy, by selling tickets or by betting. Then you cheer up!

10. Challenges

This is a fun way to get funds. There are countless challenges. Here are some ideas. A challenge is to make them dress up, a person can kiss a stranger in the street, or cut his hair. The money you collect, asking people how much they would give because one of your friends made that challenge.

11. Games

With this idea, people can have fun and contribute. You can make dart games, pop the balloon, and put the lemon in the bottle, the chair dance, the tomato dance. After they participate, tell them to support your charitable cause – have fun!

12. Concert

Talk to well-known artists in your city to support your solidarity event, if it is not possible you can tell familiar people to sing or a choir of colleges to support you. It is not necessary to have an opera voice, the important thing is that the audience enjoys. Sing for changing lives!

13. Draw

You could look for famous people who donate t-shirts, CDs or autographed balls to make the raffle. Another option may be to buy cheap things like suitcases, quilts, picture frames, a beauty kit or anything that can be raffled off. Tell us how you are doing with this idea!

14. Auction

This idea is quite similar to the flea market. With the difference that in the auction the audience sets the prices of the things, they want to have. It is a very dynamic way to generate money. And of course, everything that was auctioned must be donated.

15. Send Direct Messages

In the current era, everything is technological, because you can using this tool for your own benefit. If you have direct donors or people that you think can support you, send them a message, explaining your cause, in this way you encourage them to donate.

16. Promote by Facebook

Putting images explaining all the events that are going to be done to raise funds, postdates, events and also encourage them to donate by these means – so much so, promotion via Facebook is one of the best fundraising ideas for college.

Fundraising is something relate to culture. Some students will say OK but this fundraising idea is not going to work in my area. We want to tell a very simple thing; Studying in college is a big thing that will change your life and give you a better future, so it needs some hard work to get this dream comes true and when it comes to collecting money to support your college study you need to try every possible way, all the fundraising ideas for college, and see which one will work for you or in your community. Always put your goal in front of your eyes while you are doing this. STUDY IN COLLEGE.

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We hope that you find a useful tips in this post. If you are looking for some top universities to study in or if you want to study abroad you can check our study abroad countries and study abroad tips to help you find the best choices for your college life.  

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