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Study Abroad Tips and Scholarships For International Students

Top 10 Reasons Why to Study Abroad


Studying abroad is one of the best experiences for students of all ages. If you ask any student who has studied in another country, it is more than likely that he/she will answer that the experience was unforgettable, that in some way that stage (study abroad) changed his/her life.

There are various benefits of studying abroad. For instance, studying abroad is a decision with a positive impact on a personal and professional level. Both in the short and long term, you will get many benefits thanks to an experience that has little to do with a vacation abroad. Do you have doubts about taking the final step? We present the main reasons why you should study abroad :

1. Learn another language

It has nothing to do with studying for years at school or at a language school in your country. Studying abroad keeps the brain focused on the language of the country you travel to all day, since you prepare the cereals you are reading in another language and you learn much more quickly; you internalize the language.

The key factor: learning is constant. Studying abroad forces you to interact with native people every day so that you noticeably improve the accent and increase your fluency without realizing it.

2. Live a unique experience

A lot of people ask us “Should I study abroad?” “Why study abroad?” and even ask reasons to study abroad. Well, to be honest, you will know a lot of people belonging to a different culture and in an environment to discover. A study trip takes you out of the “comfort zone” and becomes a real adventure every day. It is an opportunity to reorganize your life and handling unforeseen situations.

3. Mark the difference in your CV

Specifying in your CV that you have studied abroad is an additional value over language proficiency. In addition to the guarantee that supposes for the response of selection, endorses your proactive profile and with experience in adapting to other cultures. In 99% of the job interviews you do, you will be asked about your experience abroad. So be sure to add your study abroad experience to your CV.

4. Learning about yourself and self-sufficiency

A new and unknown environment can show you clearly what you are good at and also those aspects where you have room for improvement. 

On the other hand, there is no better teacher than a necessity. Because although you travel with certain needs covered (accommodation, study center, etc.) there will also be many situations in which you must take action or small decisions on your own.

This reality teaches you to be more reflective, measure the consequences well and learn quickly from mistakes.

5. Establish lasting relationships

Traveling abroad and not knowing many people initially can increase your communication and social skills. The study center (college or university) is a perfect place to make friends. Students studying abroad confirm that many of the relationships established in the academic center, based on solidarity and companionship, endure over time.

6. Expand your network of international contacts

You will have the opportunity to meet many people from both the country you are traveling to and from other countries. Thinking about the long term, you never know when you may need or help that international contact. Today, technology allows you to communicate from anywhere in the world with a single click.

7. Know another culture

Traveling abroad allows you to get to know another culture and broaden your vision of society. It makes us more flexible and respectful since we learn to value the needs and thought patterns of the people we know.
So try to find the best places to study abroad and enhance your understanding to other cultures.

8. Study and learn in a different way

Studying abroad means experiencing a new way of teaching. Educational systems, evaluation criteria, and systems or the communication style between students and teachers change in many countries. These slight variations help to open the mind to new forms of learning.

9. Opt for a job abroad

Once a language is mastered, job possibilities increase exponentially in geographical terms. The classic example: speaking, writing and understanding English perfectly allows you to choose professional opportunities in a large number of territories; from Canada and the United States to Australia and New Zealand, through the United Kingdom and Malta, etc.

10. Develop a global mindset

Changing environments and people, changing routines and habits and living new experiences are what make life worth living. Take another step, travel and study languages ​​abroad! Going deeper into the previous point and related to point 9 – seeking a job abroad and residing in foreign countries and learning languages ​​reinforces the ability to implement a new global mentality. Not only at work but also in the academic, cultural and leisure environment.

Is It Hard To Get a Study Abroad Opportunity?

Even study abroad is a great chance for students to expand their knowledge and increasing their chances in the job market but on the other hand some students talk about the difficulties in getting a chance to study abroad so in order to increase those students chances we want to introduce them to some scholarships that may be helpful for them in the below links :

Top 10 Best Scholarships in USA
Top 10 Best Scholarships For Women in USA
Top 10 African American Scholarships
Top 10 Best Scholarships For Moms in USA

Those scholarships are a great chance for all types of college students (men, women, moms, .. etc) and most of them are available for international students. Just review them and contact the one that suits you the best and make you study abroad dream comes true.

In conclusion, study abroad is the ultimate experience for any student and the one important and unique step that will differentiate him/her from other students in the future.
So if you have already studied abroad share with us what you have learned and how it effects your carrier and if you are planning to study abroad please share with us your questions and your fears if there are any and also read more about our study abroad tips it maybe helpful for you.

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