Top 10 Colleges With The Best Dorms In The US

Are you looking for colleges or universities with the best dorms? If so, this article is for you. But before talking about the best college dorm rooms, it is vital to know the importance and/or characteristics of best dorms.  

Dorms are basically famous for being very luxurious – especially the new college dorms. However, this is not an accurate statement for all the dorms out there. There are some university or college dorm rooms that are considered the best college dorm rooms and the reason is that they have pools, aquariums, food services, cleaning facilities, etc. 

So, here are the best universities or colleges with the best dorms in the US. So let us keep reading on! 

1. Bowdoin

Bowdoin has the best college dorm rooms. Not only they have rooms but also apartments. The facility has 8 college houses. You can apply in one of them while getting admission in the college. 

Bowdoin college dorms have all the necessary services a student need. The rooms are really spacious. This makes Bowdoin one of the colleges with the best dorm rooms

2. St. Leo University

St. Leo is one of the universities with the best dorms. These dorms have the best facilities for students. St. Leo dorms offer unlimited meal plans. It also has a hall, which features an aquarium of 2,100 gallons. 

3. Washington University in St. Louis

Here, you will find the best personal bathrooms. Not only will you have a cleaning staff but also other essential features. This way, you will have more time for studying – therefore, we recommend you Washington University because of its best dorms. 

4. MIT

There are many lounges at MIT. It also offers multi-purpose rooms that have big projection screens. MIT also has an on-campus dining hall, which is considered the best. MIT is considered a college with the nicest dorms

5. Scripps College

It is one of the colleges with the best dorms. Most of the rooms are designed in Mediterranean style. Everything here is perfect – in terms of dining, cleaning, beds, sofas, study tables – to name a few. Thus, it is also the best college with nicest dorms

6. The University of Texas

The best thing about this university is the actual pool on the rooftop of the building. Again, the University of Texas has unique dorms that provide all essential services to the students. You will actually love staying there. 

7. Florida Gulf Coast University

The state of Florida is famous for beaches and you will feel like you are on vacation. Florida Gulf Coast University has dorms in front of the beautiful beaches. It also has hammocks, fire pits, and volleyball court where you can enjoy the game in the sand. 

8. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati has a hall known as Morgens Hall, which has undergone renovation recently. The facility offers a kitchen in each room, air conditioning, and heating, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. 

9. Temple University

Another university with top-notch quality dorms. It provides excellent accommodation facilities for students. If you opt to living in the deluxe apartment, you will find more luxury, such as a spa, flat screens in the relaxation rooms, study rooms, cleaning, food, and other essential facilities. 

10. Brandeis

It is a castle-type building that offers state-of-the-art dorms. The university dorm rooms are equipped with high-class facilities such as heating and air conditioning. The food is good, the rooms are clean, and the environment is extremely favorable for students. 

We hope that this list could give you a plenty of choices to compare and choose the best for you. In case you still looking for a university you can check our Top Universities we still have a variety of options for you.

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