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Top 10 Best Scholarships For Moms in USA


A scholarship is irregular financial assistance in the form of payment for the cost of training, and sometimes the issuance of a monthly allowance to students, as a rule, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, as well as graduate students and doctoral students.

There are more scholarships and grants to study in America than in Britain. More than 2,000 universities in the USA, and about 150 in the UK. But getting a grant at America’s top universities is just as difficult. 

If you cannot find a full grant for the program you are interested in, you can apply not only to universities but also to other organizations and receive several grants at once. In order to receive a grant to study in the USA, first of all, consider: government scholarships and grants, fund grants, scholarships, and university grants.

Moms find it a little harder to get a college education. It’s not easy to balance a complete academic course load because moms are responsible for clothing, feeding, and financially supporting their kids. 

Recent research studies have shown that more than 50% of families in the U.S are headed and/or looked after by single moms. At the same time, these families are living in poverty. So, the idea of spending money and getting an education for them becomes a little difficult. 

Today we still have to stop to think if the presence of women in science is equal with respect to that of men. Theoretically, we are in an era in which women have the same opportunities as the opposite sex to access university studies, apply for scholarships to research, lead groups, hold positions of high responsibility.

If we recall the existence of women in science, surely Marie Curie, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, comes to mind for her research in the field of radiation, and in Chemistry, for her discovery of elements such as radium or polonium.

Although if we look in the literature for the participation of women in research, we would see that there is a notable number of them participating in this area? However, not all the works that the female gender has carried out have been recognized, and even the participation in awards and the research that has actually been awarded are merely anecdotal in some of the cases.

In addition, do not forget those research and scientific studies that do not come to light, and therefore are not less important. Leaving aside the field of merits, surely something similar happens by chance.

Luckily, there are many companies in the U.S who want to help mothers improve their situations by getting a quality education. So, in this article, we will tell you about the top 10 best scholarships for mothers in the USA. Keep reading! 

Who can apply for these scholarships?

A number of companies are on a mission to help moms get back into the school or college. These companies have a firm belief that if mothers get college degrees, they would be capable of getting better jobs. In this way, they would be able to support their families in a better way. That is why a lot of companies provide various scholarships for moms to help them improving their life means.

In addition, if you are a mother or a single mom, and looking for a scholarship, then don’t worry because there is a lot of help you can get in the U.S. Even if your age is above 40, still, you don’t have to worry because there are scholarships for women over 40

A scholarship for women over 40 is indeed a great initiative by the organizations working significantly to provide grants to people – including mothers seeking education. So, it doesn’t matter if you are above 40, you can still get the scholarship. 

Let us now look at the best scholarships for moms going back to school and the best grants for moms.

Here are our list to follow:

1. AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship

AARP program is one of the best scholarships for older women. The foundation aims at women who are above 40 and want to go back to school. In addition, you will be given $2,000 to $5,000 depending on your college expenses. The AARP Foundation provides scholarship for working moms – i.e. around 350 single mothers or working mothers. 

If you have won the scholarship already, you must enroll in the University (of Course the accredited one) within 6 months. You also have to write an essay about your educational objectives and the problems you want to overcome. 

2. Arizona BPW Foundation Annual Scholarship

The scholarship aims to provide grants to women who want to return to college and pursue a better career. Once you get this scholarship, you have to attend a trade school or community college in Arizona. 

Also, it is important for you as a mom to write an essay and explain your career objectives. Don’t forget to mention your current financial situation. Your essay will be the most significant aspect of getting more grants. Arizona BPW gives importance to women and offers scholarships for women over 30

In addition, you must apply before December 10 so that you get into the list of applied candidates in order to increase your chances of getting the scholarship. The amount of awarded money varies as it depends on the degree you are pursuing and the college you want to apply. 

3. AAUW Virginia Beach Branch Scholarship

If you are a resident of Virginia Beach, then this is one of the best scholarships – providing college grants for moms. However, you must be 23 years old before you opt to apply for this grant. 

One of the criteria for applying to this scholarship is your enrollment in an ungraduated program at an accredited university or college. The minimum requirement to apply for this scholarship is the GPA of 3.0. 

Again, we must say that you have to write a short essay that explains your career objectives and financial situation. You will get $1000 to $3000 depending on your college expenses. 

4. Emerge Scholarship

Emerge scholarship provides the best education grants for women. The scholarship is aimed at female students who want to get back to college after a break. However, this scholarship is only awarded to women who are residents of Georgia. You must be 25 years old to apply for the grant. 

Moreover, you must know to write about your life and career goals in the scholarship application. Every year, there is an increase in scholarship awards. Emerge Scholarships range between $2,000 and $5,000. 

5. BK Krenzer Reentry Scholarship

The society of Women Engineers awards this scholarship to non-traditional women students who want to enter the college after a break. 

You can study any kind of engineering or apply as a college freshman, juniors, seniors, or sophomores. BK Krenzer Scholarship offers the most sophisticated grants for mothers going back to school by providing $3,250 every year. 

6. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship

You can apply to this scholarship if you are 35 years of age or older. Jeannette Scholarships are aimed to support permanent US residents and women looking to get bachelors’ degrees, technical degrees, or associates’ degrees. It is one of the pretty suitable scholarships for moms.

The selection criteria are based entirely on the goals, objectives, and plans you have mentioned in the scholarship application. The total amount awarded each year is around $2,000. 

7. P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education

P.E.O program is one of the best moms scholarships awarded to older women or single mothers – wanting to continue their education after a break. 

The grant is usually provided to women who want to return to college or school for the completion of certificate or degree. 

You can only apply to this scholarship if you are a citizen of the USA or Canada. The awards are up to $35,000. 

8. Helping Hands for Single Moms

If you are a single mother, then you must apply for this scholarship. It is aiming – specifically – to single mothers belonging to low-income communities in the United States. 

It is important that you have the US citizenship – otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for this scholarship as your application will be rejected right away. 

Since this scholarship or grant is only for single mothers, you must be legally single. In addition, you registered in school or college before with a GPA of 2.8 or above. Likewise, you should have at least a course load of nine credits per semester. 

Another criterion is having a child who is under the age of eleven. Similarly, the amount of grant or award varies – meaning thereby that it depends on your college expenses. 

9. WISP: Change Your World Scholarship

WISP scholarship is specifically created for women who are victims of abuse from their partners. In order to apply for this grant, it is important that a victim mother is separated from the partner who used to abuse her regularly. 

WISP will give more importance to women who besides getting education – support the cause of protecting women from abusive partners. For this, you have to work as a member supporting women/girls as well as promote their rights in society. The award amount varies. 

10. Live Your Dream Awards Program

Last but not least, Live your dream is one of the greatest scholarships for moms (single moms) who are suffering from domestic violence, poverty, and alcohol or drug abuse. 

The scholarship program awards $3,000 to $5,000 every year. Getting good grades in the college or university will substantially result in higher awards. According to the program the awards can reach up to $10,000. You must apply before November 15.

Please share your opinion about these scholarships below. And if you still interested in other options you can read Top 10 Best Scholarships For Women in USA. for more.

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