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Top 10 Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe


Studying in Europe is the dream of many students, after all, the old continent offers security, quality of life and credibility for the curriculum. Are you looking for the best places to study abroad? Check out the best places to study abroad in Europe for undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Students leaving their countries to live the “European dream” usually travel to obvious destinations, such as England, Ireland, and Germany. However, getting a scholarship in these countries can be very difficult, as there are thousands of people competing for the same opportunities.

So, where to study abroad? Instead of studying in the most popular (and expensive) destinations in Europe, you might consider less obvious options and offer an education of excellence.

Let us start our list of Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe:

1. Sweden

First on our list is Sweden. Sweden is considered by many to be one of the best countries in Europe to study. The country, located in northern Europe occupies a significant place in the ranking of educational evaluation.

The Swedish educational system has some characteristics that arouse the interest of international students, as is the case of the stimulation of research and critical thinking which make many students think about Sweden as best place to study abroad. Lund University considered as one of the best public higher education institutions in the country.

2. Italy

Italy has the best cities to study abroad. It brings together the oldest and most renowned universities in the world, such as the University of Bologna, the University of Trento and the Polytechnic University of Milan. These institutions are responsible for placing the Italian educational system among the best in the world.

Foreigners studying there can enjoy an incredible cultural experience. The Italian cities have beautiful historical monuments, museums, squares, and breathtaking buildings.

3. Austria

Austria is also open to foreign students. The country has excellent courses in the areas of music, arts, and innovations. The quality of teaching is also internationally recognized – the proof of this is the fact that the Austrian educational system is considered the 29th best in the world.

To study in Austria and earn a recognized diploma worldwide, it is first necessary to speak German. Some courses in the country have classes taught in English, but not many.

4. Belgium

Belgium, popular neighboring Germany, has the 15th best educational system in the world. So if you cannot get into a German university, try to find out what courses the Belgian institutions have to offer.

Studying in Belgium is a good opportunity to learn different languages ​​in one place. In the country, the main languages ​​are French, Flemish, and German. There is also a good range of courses in English.

5. Estonia

Have you heard of Estonia? Please know that this country, located near Russia and Finland, offers excellent study opportunities. Few people know, but fate is highly sought after by people who are trying to leverage their startups, after all, Estonia is considered the world leader in digital technologies. Anyone interested in technology will surely have a unique experience when they join an Estonian university.

6. France

France is a great place to study in Europe in 2018. The city of Paris, for example, provides quality of life to its inhabitants and has internationally recognized universities. You can check the top 5 best universities in France. In addition to offering teaching and research excellence, France also offers scholarships and benefits to international students. Only for Asian students, there are more than 200 programs available – making it one of the best places to study abroad

As a bonus France is offering a lot of work opportunities for foreigners. So international students will have a big chance to find a good job related to their study field specially for those who could improve their French language level during their academic years.

7. Switzerland

Before applying for a university in Switzerland, the student must prepare a personal study plan. This document should contain the ultimate objectives of the experiment. The Swiss government offers scholarships to many foreign students, especially those who wish to develop research in the area of ​​applied sciences.

8. Finland

Although it is a cold and distant place, Finland gain a top place among the countries with the best education worldwide. Finnish universities have good investments for research and the results obtained with the studies gain international repercussions.

9. Denmark

Denmark is also a destination that should be considered by those who wish to study in the old continent. The country has more than 24,000 foreign students, who are enrolled in programs developed by Danish universities. Students who do not have European citizenship need to pay annual fees to attend courses in Denmark, ranging from 6,000 to 16,000 euros. Europeans can study for free.

10. Norway

Quality of life and free higher education are some of Norway’s attractions. The country is considered a world reference in terms of security, social equality, preservation of the environment and, of course, education.

The Norwegian universities promote undergraduate, masters and even Ph.D. for free. This benefit extends even to foreign students. The cost of living in the country, however, is considered high.

We hope that our list will help you choosing the right place to study abroad. If you have any other suggested places or universities to study in Europe you can share them with the comments section below.
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