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Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad 2020


Probably you are trying now to figure out where to study abroad for 2020 ? and you want to know what are the best countries to study abroad for international students in 2020 ? but you are tired because of the huge number of articles, countries and programs. Well just relax! we are here to help you find your best study abroad program and to find you best study abroad country as an international student.

First thing first where do you prefer to study abroad? Are you a college student who wants to study in one of the European countries that offers a lot of amazing opportunities ? Or you prefer to go away and start a new life by getting a college degree, finding a good job and settling down in one of the dream countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand or even the United States ?

Our list of the best countries to study abroad for international students in 2020 will answer your needs either you want to study abroad in Europe or in North America and Australia, you just need to figure out first which country will attract you more and which place will be the best for you to study abroad.

Are you ready to start checking our list, OK GREAT. Let us start :

1. United Kingdom

Yes! UK is one of the best countries to study abroad in 2020 not just in Europe but in the whole world. UK is a home for the most famous universities in the world. Some of those universities take a place in the top 10 best universities in the world according to QS ranking which is specialized in ranking universities around the world depending on many qualities (teaching, research, nurturing employ-ability, and internationalization).

University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London. Those are some names of the most well-known universities in UK which ranking in the top 10 best universities in the world. They give the college students the chance to have a world class college degree which can make them able to lead the market in any company in any part of our planet.

If you want to know more about the education system in the UK you can check our full guide Study Abroad In England

2. Germany

As a leading country in Europe with its strong economy Germany has one of the best educational systems in the world. The moment you start the college study in one of the German universities you will be in the heart of the modern scientific and innovation life.

The study in Germany is free in the public universities which give you a huge chance to start your college study in one of the German universities. You can find a well known college for every field you wish, even though Germany is most famous for the medical studies where most students dream to get a medical degree from a German university.

Study Abroad In Germany: All You Need To Know , this is a post to help you know more about study in Germany.

Prospective medical students will love also to check this: Where To Study Medicine In Europe ?

3. France

One of the biggest hosts of international students in Europe. With its old and well-recognized universities France can offer international students the best study abroad experience any college student will dream of.

Because of the study abroad policies followed in France; students can find many advantages in health insurance, transportation, rent fees and many more things. Those policies help students and at the same time make French universities the home of the elite students who will be the base of the future communities.

We have a great article about studying in France and all the scholarships and programs available there you can give it a look! Study Abroad In France: Scholarships and Programs

4. Italy

Besides of it is remarkable ancient culture, touristic places and delicious food Italy has a great number of reputable universities in Europe in many field of study and research. It is the most popular country for the Erasmus exchange program.

Studying in Italy is going to give you a mixed experience between old history and modern life in a way that will effect your life forever.

Here you will get a detailed information about why to study abroad in Italy

5. Spain

Spain has 10 of its universities in the top 500 best universities in the world according to the QS ranking for best universities. In addition to that advantage , Spain has a high number of foreign students who apply to the best universities in Spain each year which makes it one of the most favorable destinations for college students who want to study abroad.

Low prices comparing to other European countries can be mentioned as one of the reasons which attracts the foreign students to Spain where they can get a high quality college degree with less money than other places in Europe.

To get a better idea about universities and programs available for international students in Spain you can check our post Study Abroad In Spain : Universities and Programs

6. Netherlands

The education system in the Netherlands is built on the Anglo-Saxon model so it is pretty much similar to studying in England or in the US. Netherlands has the both types of universities, the ones with ancient approaches cultural views and the ones with the most modern educational style.

That variety of universities and education styles make the international students in front of a big number of options to choose from and that will for sure give them the ability to go with the most suitable option for their future according to their unique situations.

We want to give you here a deep explanation about how does it look like to study abroad in Netherlands (a helpful guide for you 😉 ).

7. Canada

Canada! I can see your smile from here 😉 . Yes Canada is not just your favorite study abroad destination but it is mine too. Maybe the main reason that makes Canada the dream land for college students like me and you is the promises with a great future.

Studying in one of the Canadian universities will give you not just a high quality college degree but it will also give you the chance to enter the job market in North America with the best weapon.

Canada is a foreign students friendly country and it offers many of the students the ability to settle down in Canada after they finish their studies and get a good job opportunity and that is a dream of most college students who aim at studying in Canada.

A place like Canada will give you both quality of life and quality of education. We have a list of the top universities in Canada for you to have a look at. If you feel really interested to know more we got your back also with this full guide with more detailed information about the study abroad in Canada experience.

8. United States

One of the most demanded destination to study abroad in the world. United States has the best universities in the world like : Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) the best university in the world (for real!) according to QS ranking for 2020 which can tell you that the US gets this position world wide for a reason.

Many of the world leaders in politics, technology, medicine and economics have been graduated from well-known American universities like Stanford (ranked 2nd worldwide), Harvard (3rd worldwide) and the list goes on and on.

It is a long journey for any college students who think about studying in the US because it will take you 1 or 2 years to prepare yourself with the needed papers, requirement and tests in order to be able to apply to any American university.

One of the famous preparation tests is the SAT test. If you want to know more about it check How long is the SAT Exam and How To Send SAT Scores To Colleges. In order to be able to register for this exam you will need also to have a college board ID, if you are not familiar with it, this What Is My College Board ID ? will help you.

Applying to an American university is a big dream for many students but we should be realistic it is expensive in many cases and that would make the applicants look for any available scholarships or fellowships either full ride scholarships or partially funded scholarships anything will be helpful for a college student to pursue their dream to study abroad in the United States.

If you want to study in the US and follow your dream but you feel that it is really expensive, you can check those scholarships for international students, YOU MAY FIND THE ONE FOR YOU:

Top 10 Best Scholarships in USA
Top 10 Best Scholarships For Women in USA
Top 10 African American Scholarships
Top 10 Best Scholarships For Moms in USA

With that being said we can say that the United States is one of the best countries to study abroad in 2020.

9. Australia

More than 160,000 international students come to Australia annually, pretty big number is not it?. That indicates to the huge opportunities that students can get in Australia. English is the official language in study which give the college students the ability to find a suitable program easier than other countries that does not teach in English.

The world ranks for best universities shows 35 of the Australian universities which gives you a signal about the high quality of the education systems provided in the Australian universities.

You can understand the college systems and the available opportunities in Australia in this post : Study abroad in Australia

10. New Zealand

An incredibly beautiful place full of a great natural places that will make you lose your mind. That being said New Zealand has a group of world wide recognized universities that offer a high quality college degrees for the applicants. In Addition to that educationists say that New Zealand Universities offer the best research-based education in the world.

You can check the Top 5 New Zealand Universities and see if one of them got your attention.

That was our list of the best countries to study abroad in 2020 with all the above options you can plan your way to your dream and to get the college degree you deserve from the country that you prefer. If you still have doubts and you want to know why you should study abroad you can read Top 10 Reasons Why to Study Abroad.

We still have many more top universities lists, a lot of study abroad countries and study abroad tips for our readers to check so do not hesitate to check our study abroad blog to find more helpful information to make your college life easier.

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