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Why study abroad in Sweden? Well, there are many reasons for studying abroad in Sweden. In international rankings, higher education in Sweden holds good places, Sweden’s universities are among the top 200 universities in the world. The flagship universities in Sweden are: University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology and Lund University.

It is worth noting that one of the advantages of studying in Sweden is the presence of more than 600 English-language programs. Despite the introduction of tuition in 2010, the government and universities themselves provide a sufficient number of scholarships and grants for foreign students.

Study Abroad Programs in Sweden in Swedish or English 

It is not necessary to study Swedish for higher education in the country: many universities in Sweden offer a number of programs in English.

For education in English, you must provide the results of the TOEFL test (at least 90), or IELTS (at least 6.5). The language requirements for the minimum score can vary greatly depending on the ranking of the university, specialty, and level of study. 

If you speak Swedish, you will need to pass the TISUS test. The Embassy of Sweden, as well as a number of educational institutions in the country,  are taking the exam. The good news is that the grading scale of the test as such does not exist, there are only two options: you can either pass the test or not pass it.

Sweden Study Abroad – Undergraduate

The easiest option for studying in Sweden for a bachelor’s program is a trip for a semester or a year as part of bilateral academic exchange. The next option is to do it yourself. For admission, you will need to provide a certificate of completion of 11 classes of a school or a diploma from a college, school or technical school. You can also enter the first year of a Swedish university after completing the first year of university at home country. 

Study Abroad Programs in Sweden – Masters 

In order to start receiving education in Sweden at the master’s level and for admission to Swedish universities for master’s programs, you will need a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in any form of education. It is also possible to enter masters as the last year student. 

To do this, you need to provide a certified statement of grades from the grade book. After receiving an invitation from the university, you need to provide a diploma within the specified time, otherwise, the invitation will be withdrawn and enrollment canceled. 

For admission to some master’s programs, it is necessary to have a first higher education in the same field in which it is planned to continue studies. Requirements for work experience and skills of applicants.

Study Abroad Programs Sweden – Doctorate

As a rule, for admission to postgraduate programs at Swedish universities, you need to provide a bachelor’s or master’s diploma and a grading insert. It is better if the topic of your scientific work will be associated with future research in graduate school. 

For admission, you may need to provide publication information as well as a research proposal. Sometimes, as such, a centralized admission process may not be available. 

An announcement about the recruitment of graduate students can be published on the page of your website by any department or laboratory, and the recruitment of applicants will be carried out by professors of this department or laboratory based on an interview of applicants. Therefore, you need to track the sites of universities of interest for open positions and admission requirements.

The Procedure For Admission to Universities in Sweden

Free education in Sweden can be obtained subject to certain nuances of admission to Swedish universities. You can apply for higher education programs through a centralized system that collects and processes documents at Swedish universities.

Some universities can submit documents after the deadline (deadline for submitting documents), but the probability of admission is sharply reduced because Applications arriving late are considered only in case of availability. Also, with late filing, the range of choice of programs is very narrow, because of popular destinations, places fill up quickly.

Those planning to enroll in graduate programs in Sweden can apply for admission throughout the year. Information on the recruitment of graduate students can be found on the website of the university or faculty of interest,
Here are some useful steps to do so:

  • Choose one or more programs and fill out an application for admission online.
  • Pay a fee for consideration of documents. 
  • Prepare Foreign language test results
  • Prepare letters of recommendation 
  • Write a motivation letter 
  • Make a copy of your passport

Universities in Sweden may also require additional documents for admission, such as a resume, an additional letter of recommendation, an essay, a writing sample (an example of your writing), a research proposal.

The results of the admission will be known in early May. You can get acquainted with the decision of the selection committee. In the event of successful admission, it is recommended to promptly refuse to reject the inappropriate options and accept the invitation from the university where you are going to study. 

This will not only allow universities to prepare the required documents faster for your enrollment, but also to those universities that you have refused an invitation to offer candidates from the waiting list. For admission to graduate programs, documents should be submitted directly to the selected university in Sweden.

Free Education in Sweden

Free education in Sweden is possible thanks to scholarships and grants. The search for financing should begin in parallel with the choice of a training program and the submission of documents, and preferably earlier.

Unfortunately, there are no scholarships for foreigners at the undergraduate level, however, the country’s legislation allows the student to earn extra money while studying without limiting working hours.

The Swedish Institute provides about 500 scholarships to foreign students annually for study and research. The most popular study program is the Visby Scholarship Program or the Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Region Program.

It covers the cost of tuition, accommodation and air travel. Documents are accepted until the beginning of February.

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