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Study Abroad In Ireland


Study abroad in Ireland is the best option for European students. There is a wide range of Ireland study abroad programs. Also, there are many colleges in Ireland as well as universities in this country offer high-quality education. Why study abroad in Ireland? Let’s find out! 

Studying in Ireland is a great choice. This is a friendly, beautiful country with a rich culture, where they like to have fun. The country offers both short-term programs for students designed for the summer and longer courses for students and adults. 

Studying in Ireland allows you to flexibly adapt your chosen academic program to your needs and wishes. For example, you can study any industry that interests you – from fashion and design to hospitality and tourism, as well as practice in the company according to your profile.

You can prepare for an international English language exam such as TOEFL or Cambridge exams. The experienced teachers will help you apply to your preferred university in Ireland or the UK. Finally, studying in Ireland can include an exciting vacation – it is easy to combine language learning with the relaxation within programs.

Irish Culture

Studying in Ireland is a great option for an academic degree. In addition, you will study on a picturesque island and gain a charming local pronunciation! The Irish are famed for their talkativeness and openness: it will be easy for students to enter into a conversation in a museum or cafe after classes. 

Order a pint of fresh Guinness just delivered from the brewery and take part in the St. Patrick’s Day parade by wearing a green hat! Finally, less than an hour by plane separates Ireland from the UK, where you can continue your journey after the end of the program.

Going to a language school, you will receive not only an education in Ireland but also a new outlook on the world. Daily use of English turns the language into a practical tool, and it immediately becomes clear how effectively it works. Your confidence in your own abilities will grow with each new dialogue – both in the audience and beyond: on excursions, in your free time, during an internship or as a volunteer. You can make useful contacts and make new friends. Education in Ireland will give you tangible benefits in the future.

Benefits Of Studying In Ireland

Studying in Ireland is an opportunity not only to get an excellent education or to learn English but also to get acquainted with an amazing country. Ireland is like a fairy tale. Ancient castles, ancient fortresses, magnificent temples, green velvet of hills and valleys. 

Ireland is called the “emerald” country – it is all “permeated” with greenery. Due to the mild climate, eternal spring reigns there, so living and studying in Ireland is a pleasure. In addition, guests are always welcome on this island: legends go about the friendliness of the Irish. They even have a proverb: “A stranger is a friend with whom you are not familiar.” It is not surprising that many foreigners reflecting on where to go to study, choose Ireland.

By the way, parents from all over the world like to send their children to summer education in Ireland. Indeed, in addition to the amazing beauty and hospitality, Ireland has other significant advantages: the lowest crime rate in Europe, excellent ecology, impeccable English and centuries-old traditions of education. 

Studying in Ireland is inexpensive, and this is also one of the reasons why young people from all over the world go there. The education system in Ireland is actually an analog of the British model. Studying in Ireland is divided into three phases. Until the age of 12, children study in primary school, then go to high school, after which they pass final exams at the age of 17-18. The third level is special and higher education at universities, institutes or colleges.

Secondary Education In Ireland

For parents who want to send their children to study abroad, Ireland provides a choice of two options: private schools arranged on the basis of a boarding school, and day schools with a homestay. A student in an Irish high school at the same time masters, as a rule, seven disciplines. Therefore, studying in Ireland allows children to get an education no less versatile and of high quality than in elite gymnasiums or British private schools.

Irish high school graduates have direct access to a local university or college. Although for other applicants from the country, the conditions for admission to some Irish universities are more than attractive – the secondary school certificate and the TOEFL test results. And no entrance exams!

Higher Education In Ireland

Since the founding of Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland, in the sixteenth century, the country has come to be called the “island of schoolboys.” To this day, Ireland has the highest percentage of youth in the EU countries. 

Every year, more than 200,000 students of various ages and nationalities enter Irish universities. However, studying in Ireland attracts foreigners not only with the highest quality of education. There are quite prosaic moments. The cost of training in Ireland, as already mentioned, is low. 

To cover their living expenses, students can work – this is officially authorized by the government. In addition, a study visa to Ireland is easier to obtain than to the United States, Britain or Australia. One more thing: degrees of Irish universities are very much appreciated in other countries.

Irish English is considered the best spoken English in the world. If you want to improve your pronunciation or increase your level of language proficiency, learning English in Ireland is exactly what you need. 

Language schools in Ireland offer a wide range of programs – from “basic” English to “advanced” and business English. Language courses are designed for a variety of age students. 

The cost of studying in Ireland is not high. Compared to neighboring Britain, Irish prices are 20-30% less – this applies to all levels of the educational system. Living in the country will also cost a third cheaper than in England or countries of continental Europe.

Ireland should be on your top list of study abroad countries to choose from because it has a lot of great advantages for international students who wants to study abroad.

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