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Hungary is a country in Central Europe that has a long tradition and history over time. For example, it was in 1367 when the first university in this region was founded, located in the south of the country. Currently, there are up to 71 institutions related to higher education, and this not only includes universities but also small schools. 

Why you need to study abroad in hungary? There are several reasons why people decide to study in Hungary, among which quality education can be mentioned in different areas, mainly because education is quite extensive. Students can find the tools and everything they need in one variety of ideal offers from health sciences, to natural sciences and much more. It should be noted that many scientists and inventors have received awards, thanks to their knowledge and their experience with Hungarian education.

Education in Hungary mixes tradition with the best areas of research, with spaces of excellence at the national level, which is why many faculties are accredited to carry out activities that are related to internationalization thanks to their educational excellence.

Once you are in this country, you will be able to access more easily to other countries of the European continent, and this is another reason why many students attend educational programs in this country, whether you do it by a scholarship or by own account surely you are interested in studying in Hungary. So, is Hungary a good place to study abroad? Let’s find out! 

What does it take to study in Hungary?

If you are interested in study abroad Hungary, you cannot choose this destination country without first considering what you need to study. Every year, thousands of foreign students choose this country to complete their training, either in higher education or in any type of specialization, mainly for educational excellence and the cost of living.

In Hungary, you must be attentive to the requirements you need to study, for this you must make the request at the institution where you intend to enroll, taking into account that once you have done this, it will be reviewed to verify all the data there you have placed, determining if you can apply for said educational institute.

In the case in which you are a student belonging to the European Union, some of the requirements are excepted although all this has to do directly with the University and also with the region. To know more details about it, you can consult the respective embassy, ​​although in general terms you should always have at hand the copy of your identification, or if you have the copy of a license. They can also request legal transcripts in the country, academic notes, academic records, and other documents of interest.

Can you study for free in Hungary?

Studying in this country represents an ideal opportunity, and not only because of the great amount of knowledge that will be acquired, but also because of the new connections and the friends that can be made. However, in order to study in Hungary for free or at low cost, you must opt ​​for some of the scholarships imposed by the government.

How to Get a Scholarship?

To get a scholarship to study in Hungary, you just have to pay attention to the call of the scholarship programs offered by some universities in this region, so that for example many students can continue with their bachelor’s degree, but not only that but they are also able to live and study there. Studying in Hungary means the need to pay tuition even if it is affordable, and also the maintenance is at a low cost.

While it is true that tuition fees may vary according to college or university, an approximate enrollment in this country is approximately 300,000 annual Forint (currency of Hungary) to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and if you need to pursue a master’s degree, then you must disburse 450,000 Forint. 

It should be noted that each of these amounts applies to those students who do not apply for financing by the State. The Hungarian government is responsible for deciding the limitations of places for students who will be subsidized by the State so that they can study at low cost, and for this they must have excellent academic records and excel with respect to others who have less adequate records.

In Hungary, you can find a scholarship system or loans for students. Around the scholarships, in general, they are awarded to the students who require it most (between 35 to 40%) while the remaining percentage is awarded to those students who have excellent academic records as already mentioned. All these scholarships are given thanks to the HSB or Hungarian scholarship board, and in case a student has any other government scholarship, then he cannot accept any type of HSB loan.

In the case of international students – Hungary study abroad – they can also opt for grants from the foundations, which in general are promoted between the cooperation of different countries such as the United States and Hungary. These scholarships are useful because they give students the opportunity to study at college and university. 

For example, students from the United States have the opportunity to enter the Corvinus University of Budapest, although for this they must study business, economics, and social studies, and have to submit their application in the API of the HIF (Hungary Initiatives Foundation).

Other scholarships better known as the Erasmus Mundus program are part of the scholarships that can help international students in Hungary, mainly because this country participates in it.

In order to cover tuition and living costs, in Hungary, you are offered student loans for those who have merit and need to study in some way. The fundamental requirements are age since it must be 35 years old or less, and such a loan does not require a formality in the form of information on how you plan to use the money. In this way, the Hungarian government knows the needs of the students and allows them to pay the fees according to what the student is earning.

The important thing to be able to pay the loans granted to the students is that you find a decent job, although in Hungary this is a bit complicated, mainly because student jobs are mostly paid at 450 or 600 forints, which would be insufficient. Despite this, students have great opportunities to study for a scholarship or request a loan.

What to study in Hungary?

In Hungary, as in other countries, it is recommended to study some specific subjects mainly because they are the ones with the most national level but it also opens up opportunities for you and brings curricular value to your resume.

Business administration: Throughout the world, this career has been one of the most important, mainly because it allows you to acquire all the knowledge regarding social agents, the organization of human resources and also of material resources, economic and political agents, and much more. In view of the reorganization of modern societies, business administration is considered one of the most important careers and whose courses are of guaranteed quality in Hungary.

Human resource: It is a career involving the actions associated with the organization of human capital within a company, this being one of the most important operational areas in any environment. The student will be responsible for obtaining the necessary knowledge about the creation of suitable policies in the company, the optimal use of labor resources within it, as well as the development of the most correct policies related to business management.

International relations: It is one of the most recommended in Hungary mainly because it deals with issues related to business, economics, sociology, political sciences. Without a doubt, a highly required global approach to integrating the policies that can unite nations.

Hope you find what you are looking for in this post. For more information about different countries you can check study abroad countries list on our study abroad blog.

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