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One of the top destinations of any international student list and one of the most desirable country to study and work, YES IT IS CANADA.

The Canadian education system is significantly different from what the residents of different countries are used to study. Do you want to study abroad in Canada? If yes, this article is for you. Universities always updated and at the forefront make Canada the ideal destination to study in Canada

Why is it a good idea to study in Canada? What can they offer to foreigners? If you are looking for a study destination, you will want to know the advantages that Canada can offer you. We tell you what you will find in this destination and what you should know before leaving.

The universities in Canada are always attractive to foreign students because in them there are professionalism and innovation that their careers need. In addition, studying in a country full of dreamlike landscapes is always attractive. 

This country located in North America and worldwide it is recognized for its white snow-laden landscapes. The possibility of learning English, sightseeing, and education in prestigious universities is always attractive. But in the case of Canada, there are many other reasons to study in the country. We tell you some below:

Quality of life

The United Nations Organization (UN) itself has rated Canada as one of the 10 best countries in the world to live. In addition, it is one of the frequent countries in different rankings that organize nations according to the quality of life they offer. 

Its advanced educational system, the life expectancy of its inhabitants, the low levels of violence and the low pollution of the environment make this country a truly perfect destination for both an educational residence and a permanent stay. In fact, when talking about countries concerned with combating pollution and taking care of the environment, Canada will always appear in the conversation.

Quality Education

Local universities stand out for continuously seeking innovation. Their curricula are updated to the demand of the labor market, incorporate the use of technology and as if that were not enough, they receive large funds for research tasks.

In addition, studies conducted in the country have a great reputation worldwide due to the recognized training of their teachers.

With current labor market conditions, ensuring innovative training that allows access to technology and offers a worldwide reputation – is no small matter. Moreover, it should be the goal of all those students who seek to stand out in the digital world. 

Culture Diversity

Being a country of immigrants, it is possible to find diverse cultures throughout the Canadian territory. 

In fact, many of its government’s policies focus on supporting and fostering this cultural diversity, which has been evident from the new regulations introduced by US President Donald Trump that led thousands of immigrants to choose to cross the border and establish themselves in Canada. 

This diversity means that the country has two official languages: English and French. Depending on the area you are in, you can learn one or the other.

Economic Convenience

The cost of living in Canada is considerably lower than in other countries, and in fact, the same applies to educational costs. Depending on the chosen city, the university where you intend to study and the chosen career itself, these can be up to 40% cheaper than in other destinations.

Study Abroad Programs Canada

Entering Canadian culture can be something that can change your life forever, not only for its level of professional studies but also for the charisma of a people open to immigrants.

Many of the people who decide to study In Canada they have the automatic luck of being linked to companies and institutions, thus enjoying the opportunity to establish their life in this country. 

Canada offers total guarantees that are beyond the illusion that often promises the American dream in the United States. Let us tell you about some of the best study abroad scholarships in Canada.

The Canada scholarship programs represent an excellent opportunity to professionalize. In the world, there are many students who dream of winning a scholarship in that country, and they are absolutely right to yearn for one of these.

In Canada, as in other advanced countries such as Germany and England, education is a priority. So much so that the Canadian government offers the best public education, education that is usually free. 

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

This Canada scholarship program is supported by the University of Toronto. It represents one of the most fantastic scholarships that exist because the coverage is for 4 continuous years. These are scholarships aimed at students who are in the last year of high school. This is a degree-oriented program.

The beneficiary can enjoy the maintenance privileges, school supplies, semester tuition, as well as medical services insurance. Keep in mind that a single semester at the University of Toronto can cost about $7,000. 

So, it is a very generous scholarship, taking into account that there are four years of support. In order to participate, the student’s school or college has to be linked to the scholarship program and in that way, the students will be able to complete their request.

Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship is aimed at international students. To be chosen, you will have to be an excellent student, because these scholarships, like the previous ones, are competitive, demanding that you attach documentation about your achievements as a student.

The highest amount of funding offered by this scholarship system is $7,000. That is the equivalent of what the value of a semester can assume. These types of scholarships are extendable, but for this you must keep an average of 80% academic score. 

The other important fact of Humber College International is that scholarships are also offered to study English. The institution allows you to learn to master English, but the amount of subsidy depends on your academic performance. These are degree-oriented scholarships.

York University International Student Scholarship Program

The scholarship is aimed at paying tuition at the University of York. With this academic benefit program, you can count on the value of university admission. This value is extendable, as long as you continue to prove that you are a good student. Precisely, the value given to the student to cover his/her tuition is closely related to the value of his/her grades.

The application process for this scholarship is quite simple. You must register through the website of the University of York. Above all, they will require you to attach your qualifications. 

It is also necessary to also add the documentation of your ID and international student card, as is the case with the previous institutions. The coverage is oriented can cover your 4 years of undergraduate study, which would mean the total value of about $80,000 dollars.

Study abroad in Canada is a unique experience and it opens a lot of new doors for any student for the best study and carrier. If you are interested in more option check our study abroad countries.

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