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Scholarship Essay Examples to Get Your Scholarship


If you think that studying in private schools and colleges without money is impossible, you are so wrong. Many students get scholarships that provide huge price cuts, sometimes even exemption from tuition just because they do well in the exams that the institution offers.

The first step when facing this challenge is to start researching the institutions of interest. This can be done by contacting them by phone or through the institution’s website. Once you have selected the scholarships for which you want to apply, you will determine one of the core modules of any scholarship application is writing.

Writing an essay for a scholarship application is similar to writing an essay for any school or college: your ideas should be well thought out, your essay should not have grammatical and spelling errors and the essay should address the topic in depth.

Because many students apply for scholarships each year, the competition is tough. Your essay should stand out above the rest to help you get the scholarship for which you are applying. Here’s how to write a scholarship essay:


You would be surprised to know how many students apply for scholarships that are not in their areas of study. A large number of those who are looking for scholarships have no idea what to do to win scholarships. 

It is important to have a plan in mind when you are preparing to write your scholarship applications. You need to be applying for the right grants, in the right field, and in the right way. Taking these steps will greatly increase the likelihood that your essay will catch the attention of the correction committee.

Address the topic

Be sure to address the topic given in-depth. The evaluation committee is usually looking for specific areas to be addressed. Do not forget or ignore any part of the given question or theme. Address the topic, and provide supporting details, as well as relevant and personal examples.

Introduction Caprice 

If you are unable to capture your audience’s attention when introducing your essay, you will find it difficult to hold their attention throughout the essay. Find a way to intrigue the evaluation committee at the beginning of your essay, and leave that intrigue throughout your essay. You can start with a personal experience that you can expand through the rest of your writing.

Avoid Grammar errors

Don’t just rely on your eyes for the review. Ask at least two-three other people to proofread or review your essay, looking for grammatical and spelling errors. Many scholarship essays contain grave grammatical errors, and a well-proofread document can make the difference in a winning essay. Review over several days until you are completely satisfied with your efforts.


Use transition phrases, such as “beyond,” “however,” “therefore,” “in conclusion,” and so on. Make sure your sentences flow from one to the other. Arrange the essay well, and make sure the points don’t jump from one subject to the next. It is also important to make sure that the writing has a clear conclusion.

Scholarship essay examples

Many people do not consider the possibility of studying due to the impossibility of paying for training. However, there are many universities, even the most recognized ones that offer scholarships that mean the partial payment of the degree and in some cases the payment of all the studies.

To access these scholarships, you must meet certain requirements, such as justifying an economic situation that prevents you from facing the payment of the degree, having a good grade point average, and showing a real interest in pursuing the studies in question. This last point will be highlighted in the essay letter that will be presented in the Scholarship Department of the University or Training School and that will be evaluated jointly to the CV and a form. If you are ready let us show you the scholarship essay examples below:

Example 1

I hereby wish to express my request for financial aid to carry out my studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. As you can see on the form, I am facing a difficult financial situation since I am without a family here in the city.

I do not have any kind of financial help from my family. I have a medium job which allows me to face some expenses of my daily life (accommodation and food) but not the University, nor the study material.

On the other hand, as you can see in my schooling, I have a good grade point average, which I promise to maintain during my studies at this faculty. My intention of pursuing a degree in Social Sciences is to then work in the field of education and to be able to repay with my work, the help provided by this house of studies.

Example 2 

I was born in Miami Florida in a low-income family that migrated from India in 1985. In childhood, I used to watch star wars and other sci-fi programs on TV. This created a sense of enthusiasm in my mind to become a computer scientist. 

Throughout school and college, I have achieved good grades and score in distinction. I love to participate in any free technology-related seminar, workshop, or events. My passion for computers and programming languages has caused me to develop dozens of websites. 

I want to continue my education and achieve a masters and doctoral degree in computer science. I believe as a computer scientist, I can use technology tools to solve modern-day problems and play my role in the prosperity of my country. 

I love coding and writing programming codes to create the software as well as applications for companies, websites, and mobile devices – would not only help me overcome my financial situation but I also learn more. 

The reason I want this scholarship is that I want a good career in computer science. However, I don’t have funds to continue my education. Getting grants for a noble thing like education would be a sigh of relief for me. 

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We hope that after reading those scholarship essay examples you get a good idea about how to write a killing scholarship essay. We hope your get the scholarship that you are interested in. If you need to know any more study abroad tips or if you want to find more top universities just check our study abroad blog to get some helpful information.

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