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How to Write an Appeal Letter for College?


Classes at colleges and universities, especially the most requested classes, fill up quickly and space is generally limited. Most universities and colleges limit the number of times a student can enroll in a class so that other students can have the opportunity to take the course. 

Students who want to retake a course, but have reached the assigned enrollment limit, can write a letter to request a new opportunity to take the course. The faculty grants permission to retake the course at their discretion, but if your letter is written correctly it can help influence the decision.

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How to write an appeal letter for college – Steps

Write your address at the top left of the sheet. Write the current date below. In the line below, write the name of the recipient, the corresponding optional department and the address.

Begin the letter with a greeting and the recipient’s name. Use the expression “Dear Sir or Madam,” if you do not know the name of the recipient. Define the intention of your letter: retake an optional course.

Make a list of the reasons why you couldn’t complete the course in the previous registrations. List any medical or learning problems, financial or personal difficulties, or family problems that affected your performance in the course.

Indicate why you need to take the course and explain how it will affect your college career if you cannot retake it. Explain your plan, which will allow you to complete the course in the next attempt: it includes the study strategies and the tutoring options you have in mind.

Then, thanks to the reader for the time and attention he devoted to the letter. To finish the letter, write “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and your name and signature.

Include all kinds of documentation that may favor your case, for example, medical indications, qualifications, and other documents. The tone of the letter should be clear and professional. Do not include defamatory statements or accusations. 

Check the faculty website before sending the letter to see if you must follow a specific process for sending it and to determine who to send the appeal to.

Example of how to write appeal letter for college

The appeal letter is a letter through which the sender expresses disagreement about a resolution or sentence that directly affects him. It is important to mention that before writing this type of letter, the interested party must be calm since it is desired to avoid aggressive language that could worsen the situation for him. Its objective which the institution or organization that has taken the decision, reversed its position regarding the status of the sender. 

Elements of the appeal letter

An appeal letter must meet at least the following elements!

  1. A heading specifying the date and place where the letter was issued.
  2. A cordial greeting, which is the first contact the sender makes with the recipient.
  3. The body of the letter that must contain: Proposal of the appeal, which is a couple of lines in which the current situation of the sender is explained.
  4. Exposition of the appeal, which is the section in which the sender respectfully points out to the recipient the reasons why the decision he made was not adequate.
  5. Documents with new evidence that help the interested party to reverse the resolution.
  6. Farewell, a section in which a closure is offered.
  7. Sender’s name and signature. 

Sample scholarship appeal letter

Jan 5, 2020

Michael Kevin

House no. 123, Street 45, Block D, New York

Dr. Justin Steve McMahon 

Director of Scholarship Board,

ABC College, 99 ST. ABC Road, Washington DC. 

I hereby contact to express my position on the results for national scholarships that were published on the college portal on Jan 18 of this year. 

Due to my interest in pursuing a postgraduate study, particularly the Master of Laws offered by the ABC College, I decided to apply for the Feb 2020 national scholarships, however, my application was rejected.

I am contacting you to appeal this decision since I meet the criteria required to receive it. First, ABC requests a minimum average of 80 to be eligible for a scholarship. My final high school average was 95, well above the minimum required. 

On the other hand, to grant these scholarships, the institution requests that the college of interest be part of the national excellence program, to which the ABC College, an educational institution of my interest, belongs. 

On the other hand, I must mention that, without the support of a support scholarship, it will be impossible for me to continue my studies since the college requires a full-time dedication to studies. Enclosed you will find my transcript, as well as various letters of recommendation from former professors.

I say goodbye to you, hoping that this decision will be reconsidered and that the scholarship will be awarded so that I can continue studying. 



Michael Kevin

House no. 123, Street 45, Block D, New York

So much so scholarships offered by colleges are important for students because they allow them to stay out of debt and continue their education in a better way. In most situations, students apply for scholarships but get rejected. When this happens, we recommend you to write an appeal letter just like we have shown you in the sample above. 

Many reasons such as the death of a family member or personal injury or illness is a hindrance that can affect your studies. Therefore, scholarships are important. However, when you are rejected, the only way or the best chance to get it is to write a compelling appeal letter. Your letter must be professional. There is no room for emotions and sentimentality. Just write to the point. 

Most educational institutions offering scholarships offer an appeal process. So, you must avail this opportunity and try to achieve your scholarship. A scholarship appeal letter in this regard can be of great help. How to write an appeal letter for college? Well, we have already told you the steps as well as the sample letter. 

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If you need any more study abroad tips or if you still search for top universities you can check our study abroad blog to get the most updated information for college students.

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