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How To Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter


If you were lucky enough to receive a graduate or postgraduate scholarship, why don’t you take a few moments to express your gratefulness to the person, family or organization offering the scholarship

Sending a thank you letter give you respect and reflects positively on you as a recipient. Prove that you have skills and social grace. It is also important for donors who want to know more about the person who helped achieve the goal of a formidable college education. 

In any case, drafting a sincere and well-written letter of thanks is not difficult. So, how to write a scholarship thank you letter

How To Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter? (Steps involved)

  1. Use plain white stationery or notepaper. No decorative block with kittens or flowers.
  2. If your writing is readable, a handwritten note is a nice touch. But if your handwriting is bad, better to use a computer and then take the print. 
  3. If you decide to hand-write the note, try inserting the decorative element on a lined notebook if the lines show completely, or use a ruler to keep your text lines running more or less straight across the page.
  4. Do not use email. Most scholarship granters prefer to approach an old-fashioned “mail.”
  5. Be ready. Don’t wait too long to send your thanks after receiving notification of the scholarship. Punctuality communicates true gratitude and is simply a good form.
  6. Address of letter to donor (the individual who donated the funds). It is perfectly correct to call the donor or organization and ask for the name of the person who should receive a letter, or alternatively, you can check in with your school’s financial aid office.
  7. Begin the letter by thanking the scholarship provider for the grant. Let the scholarship provider know what the scholarship means to you personally. We recommend that you do not overstate your need, but don’t shy away from telling a donor that your gift meant the difference between a four-year university and a local technical school for you, if that’s true.
  8. Tell the provider about yourself as well – where you were born and grew up, why you selected the college or university (depending on what your scholarship qualifier was), and where you are in your studies (e.g. prospective freshman, high standard graduate, etc.).
  9. Let the donor know what your future plans are. What do you intend to do with your degree? Are you planning to teach downtown kids? Volunteer with the Peace Corps?
  10. Thanks again the donor.
  11. Sign the note.
  12. Make this kind of thank you letter for each scholarship you receive.
  13. Check with your financial aid office to see if they have any form of thank you letter samples that you can use for ideas, or if they have rules or requirements for sending special letters. (Some schools or colleges would like to send grades in a single package while others leave it for the student).

A letter of thanks is a way of thinking, and it can be more or less formal, depending on who it is addressed to. The content, and especially the tone, will depend a lot on who the recipient is.

The first thing to ask yourself is to whom the letter of thanks will be addressed. Both the tone and the content will vary significantly depending on who the recipient is: there are letters of thanks to a former boss, letters of thanks to a teacher, or a friend, also letters of thanks to a client, or even a provider with the We have been satisfied. But, in this case, we are talking about your college or a private scholarship provider. 

The demonstration of gratitude for a series of circumstances that push you to write that letter. On the other hand, the content will always be positive, pleasant, a sample that flatters and satisfies the recipient, regardless of whether it is a more formal or more informal letter in tone.

Technical Tips For You Letter To Look More Prestigious

This task is really easy to carry out, and in general, you just have to follow the following steps and adapt them to the appropriate recipient:

Start your letter with a greeting that is natural according to the circumstance and the degree of confidence. You can put from a simple hello, to Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Sir, etc. The letter must always be short, regardless of the recipient and in its first paragraphs, you must start by showing your sincere gratitude for some circumstance. 

A phrase or at most two will be enough to express the reason for that feeling. Then, you can describe what the reason for writing this letter has been: a letter of thanks to the scholarship provider.

The time for conclusion comes. It is advisable to finish the letter with a new thank you, and it is always very good, in the most formal cases, to make yourself available to the recipient for any given situation, assuming a temporary commitment (this will depend on the recipient and the degree of trust you have with the person).

Again the tone will depend on the degree of trust of the recipient. A letter of thanks to a family member or friend may include a hug or a kiss but this is not in the case of scholarship. How to write a scholarship thank you letter and what are the important things in it are necessary to know. If you are writing a letter to the scholarship provider, it is important that you say thanks to the organization or individual in a formal manner. 

The best writers have had to make timely manuscripts. The text and structure, in any letter of thanks are important. But the format is also important. A letter can be written by hand, or on a computer, or even by sending an email, which is the most efficient and fastest way to send any letter. Obviously, the most personal way to prepare a letter of thanks is to do it in your handwriting, it all depends on the circumstance and to whom the letter is addressed.

It is important to respect a reasonable period of time so that your letter of thanks has the desired effect of gratitude and does not fall into oblivion. It can even be very elegant to send this letter by messenger, which personalizes that gratitude much more. Of course, it also depends on the circumstance, and of course, you are not going to do that with someone you do not have confidence, because it would be very pretentious.

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We hope now you know how to write a scholarship thank you letter and all we can say is we wish you a successful scholarship. Of course we want you to check more of the study abroad tips for college students on our study abroad blog.

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