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How To Send SAT Scores To Colleges


Do you know “how to send SAT scores to colleges?” If you want to apply to study in a specific college in the United States, most top colleges expect you to give them proof of your school readiness. There are many ways to tell them about your readiness score. One way to do this is by applying for the SAT test. This test is usually owned by the College Board. 

The SAT test is an important exam, which assesses the knowledge and skills acquired in high school. In addition, the SAT subject tests assess your interests and strengths in specific subjects. The most common question every student asks is related to SAT scores – i.e. – “how to send SAT scores to colleges?” 

Therefore, in this article, we will address the question “how to send SAT scores to colleges.” So please Read on!

What Is The SAT Sign-in Process?

The process of sign-in is also known as registration. First of all, you need to access the College Board website and find the SAT page. Next, you need to click on the button “Register Now.” If you are a new user, then it is important to first complete the signup process in order to register yourself on the board. On the other hand, if you are an old user, then the simple login will do the job. 

In addition, you need to enter all the necessary details to complete the profile. We recommend you to create a unique user name as well as the password so that there is no problem while you use the board and/or send your SAT scores to a particular college. Provide a full name as well as other identifying information. Make sure that the data you share is the same as it is displayed on your ID. 

There are two options to choose from – 1). SAT with essay 2). SAT without essay. Then, you are required to upload your recent photo. Next, take a print out the admission ticket and check out. 

Receiving Your SAT Scores

If you signed up for SAT online or on your College Board account, you would receive your SAT scores in that account. However, it is important that you sign into the online score report, which is an email that tells you “how to sign in” once the scores are ready. Moreover, it takes SAT between four to five weeks to dispatch the scores to your account as well as to the college you have selected to receive the scores. In addition, colleges – in general – receive SAT scores one day in advance before they send it to you or you receive them. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have a College Board account, you will receive the scores reports on paper. You can even receive the scores by calling the SAT customer service. However, in this case, you need to pay a separate fee to get this special facility. In contrast, you can also receive scores by phone. To get scores on your phone, simply call the customer service. You will need the test registration number, the date of birth, as well as a credit card number along with its expiration date to request for this service. 

Here are a useful article “What Is My College Board ID?” to tell you more about the College Board ID and How to get it and use it.

How To Send Scores To Colleges

There are two methods of sending your SAT scores to colleges. The first one is sending your score to colleges without fees. Best colleges around the world including the UK, US, and Australia require that the College Board sends scores to colleges directly. As a result, copies of online scores or reports that are labeled on transcripts are not endorsed. 

Moreover, you can also ask the College Board to send the scores before test day and after the test day. At the time of registration, you need to provide options whether to send Free SAT scores to scholarship programs and four colleges or not. You can use this option to send an early impression to the colleges of your interest and intent in this program are honest and overwhelming.

As a Side Note: If you are taking SAT exam to apply for a scholarship here are some links to help you in your scholarship search:  

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You can also send the scores after the test day. It might happen that when you had appeared in the SAT test, you had not chosen any particular scholarship program or university. You just wanted to test your readiness. In such a situation, you could not use the free option.

However, what if after you appeared for the test, you see a prospect and want to apply for it. In this situation, the College Board will allow you to send SAT scores to at least four colleges without paying an additional fee. This is actually for nine to ten days after the SAT test date. 

If you want to send scores to colleges after nine or ten days of the test date, then you need to pay additional fees. Moreover, if you want easiness and flexibility while sending your scores to colleges, you can use the option of “Score Choice.” Using this option is also reliable – especially when you have a say about the SAT scores that you want to send to colleges. 

Furthermore, the “Score Choice” option can be used to send your SAT scores to colleges by phone or online. The only criteria is that your tests must already be scored. There is no need to pay any extra fees. You can also send all or selected reports to colleges in a single report. 

While sending your scores using the option of “Score Choice,” remember, this option won’t allow you to send section scores that are from different test dates. For instance, you cannot send Math scores from one test day as well as evidence-based reading and/or writing scores from another test day. 

What happens when you don’t use the option of “Score Choice?” Well, if you don’t want to use this option, the College Board will send your SAT scores to colleges that you have chosen. Therefore, the final judgment of the scores will be done by the admission department or committee as which scores to pick or ignore.

We hope you get some useful tips for your SAT exam and how to send it to the colleges. If you want more study abroad tips check our study abroad blog.

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