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How To Send ACT Scores To Colleges


Test scores weigh high and heavily in a number of admission decisions. While published school or college ranking provides average student class scores for different colleges, they use the scores they receive in a lot of different ways. The tests such as ACT that provide these scores are complicated instruments with certain purposes, and their technical features or characteristics are not well-comprehended as they should be – provided their important role. 

You have received your ACT scores. The next step is to move on and send them to colleges. How to send ACT scores to colleges? This is one of the most important questions most students ask. So, that’s why we are writing this article to guide you. If you are wondering “how to send ACT scores to colleges” then you are in the right place. Here we go:

Why You Should Send ACT Scores To Colleges? 

This is the first question that needs to be addressed before you send your ACT score to colleges. In general, ACT has a built-in score policy, which allows anyone to send the score to colleges. However, there are certain things that you need to consider. For instance, if you are not happy with your ACT scores, it is not important to send it to colleges. There are some educational institutions, which require an individual to send all his / her scores. However, most colleges allow students to pick and select which ACT test dates you want to send. 

So, it is important which scores to send. Also, it is vital for you to know whether or not you need to take the test again. So, for this, you need to take a look at the range of scores for your colleges of choice. Generally, it is important that you have scored 75% and then only, you would be able to send them to the college of your choice. 

At the same time, another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the “Super Scoring.” Colleges and/or other educational institutions that super score will take the highest scores from all sections of the ACT across different tests. Then, they will average them to create the highest possible score. 

How to Send ACT Scores to Colleges

There are different ways to send your ACT scores to colleges. However, the easy way to send your scores is to order reports through the ACT web account. You can click on the link such as “send your scores” on the homepage of your account. 

After selecting the date, the next step is to send your report. Before doing this, you need to remember one thing – i.e. every date for the test requires a separate report. This is the same principle even if you opt to send more than one report to the same college. On the homepage, you will get the screen, which will ask you to fill in the college code. This code is unique for every college. You can also search for colleges in order to find the appropriate code. 

You have the option to select up to eight test dates as well as college combinations per score report. There are two options such as standard and priority reports. You can choose from them. After you select the test dates and colleges, the next step is to enter your credit card credentials and hit submit. This is it. Your ACT scores are on their way to the chosen colleges. 

What Is The Importance Of ACT Scores?

Since colleges value your ACT scores in their admission procedures, you need to ensure that you have a good ACT score so that it fits the expectations of the colleges in which you want to apply. Personnel or officers in the admission departments use your ACT score or percentile data for applicants. In addition, universities will look for accepting applicants who are above average. This way, the college always get better students with high educational caliber. 

It is no surprise that most colleges require you to submit your ACT or SAT score. For some colleges, this is a must-take exam and without submitting the score of your ACT test, you won’t be able to get admission in the college. In addition to it being an essential and main requirement, colleges receive hundreds of thousands of applications each year. Some colleges receive over 80,000! The scores on ACT and SAT allow them to make decisions on acceptance. 

At the same time, your ACT score will also make your individual score more important. The colleges that are receiving more than 80,000 applications usually don’t have enough time to read all documents, essays, or transcripts. A low score can automatically count against you. 

In addition to your education or college applications, your ACT scores are also important for getting scholarships. There are merit-based grants, which are given directly from your choice of the educational institution during the process of application. Other scholarships might be regional, state or local programs where your academic achievements, grades, and scores affect your eligibility. 

You can go beyond the GPA. For instance, after your first couple of years, it is not easy to change and/or boost your grade point average (GPA). Even if you get good grades in the final years of your school, you cannot reverse the damage that has been done in the first two years. 

Therefore, your ACT score offers you an important opportunity to show the educational institution, college, or university that how far you have come academically – even after your GPA is lower than what they expect or want. It is your great opportunity to show that you can work hard and under pressure. 

It is also a way to show the college or university that you can perform well. This is the primary reason why you must study and be highly prepared on the day of the test. 

In this article, we have told you about the importance of ACT scores and how you can send ACT scores to colleges. You need to follow the steps in that section to get the job done. Good Luck!

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