How to Save Money in College: 10 Tips

How to save money as a student in college? Earning money has become an essential part of student life as the need for extra income increases to cover the increase in tuition and the cost of living. However, increasing your bank account balance does not always mean finding new ways to increase it, but also discover new ways to save money during college. How to save money in college? Well, here we put together some of the best money saving tips for students :

1. Put Everything On Paper

It may seem a bit tedious and long, and most students fear to analyze where their money is actually spent. The best and only way to do this is to put everything on paper (or on a worksheet). Making a monthly budget is the best start to save money during college. You can get into as little or as much detail as you want, but on a basic level, you want to find out where your money is going.

2. Enjoy and Use Student Discounts

One of the best benefits of student life is undoubtedly a good amount of student discounts. Do not forget to make your student card and take it with you to every corner. Do not be ashamed to ask if you have a student discount. Even if you do not see anything in the advertisement, there’s absolutely no harm in being a little cheeky and asking. Nonetheless, keep in mind that just because something has a discount for college students, this does not mean that it is always the cheapest option and one of the best money saving tricks for students

3. Use Comparison Sites

There is an incredible thing out there called the internet and you should use it to its full potential while considering ways to save money.  In addition, there are adequately many price comparison websites for everything you can imagine: from passages areas to retail items. It’s so stress-free, there’s no reason not to save money using this method.

4. Do Not Buy On Time

Impulse shopping is a great villain for anyone who wants to save money during college. If you are susceptible to spend on impulse, then you need to work on some tactics to reduce these unnecessary expenses. A simple tactic is simply to wait a day and “sleep” on the decision to make a purchase. 

Yes, just wait a day before you buy something. Especially for large, expensive items like electronics or clothing, stopping a little to think if you really need it is a good tactic. If even then, you still find that you need it, chances are that it will be a good buy are greater.

5. Ask for a discount

Ordering discount is the best way to save money. Do not be ashamed, haggle in every possible situation. However, be aware that you will have more bargaining power if you pay cash, so get ready for it. You may be amazed at the discounts you can get when haggling, especially on things like your broadband contract!

6. Hunting for gifts

They say that there is no free lunch, but it is true that for little effort, you can make nice savings during college by putting your hands on a series of freebies. Keep an eye on free sites and promote companies distributing gifts on campus.

7. Take Your Lunch to College

Carrying your own food and snacks, in addition to generally being much healthier than the ready-made options, also saves a lot of money. Make the effort to wake up early each day before the university to make a tasty lunch or cook at night to spare to have what to take the next day. It may not sound like much, but year-round savings speak for themselves.

8. Cut your bills

It is one of the best to save money tips for students. Save money and help the environment while reducing the use of electricity and gas. Always make sure that the lights are off during the day and that things like your TV are not in the standby mode. It helps save money and is still cool with the environment.

9. Switch materials in college

Some colleges have a “godfather” system in the first semester that you “inherit” materials such as photocopies, works, and books from your godfather in the semester beyond your own. If your college does not have this, it’s a good idea to start. Another cool idea is to make a group of exchanges of your course in social networks.

10. Travel smartly

Saving money as a student takes a lot of effort. Listing all the ways to save money on travel could leave us here for hours. However, even scratching the surface of travel savings, you could save a lot. Always make sure you take advantage of all student grant rates and book in advance to get the best savings. Do not forget to use websites that provide cheap student flights. If you are traveling a long distance, make sure you check all the options available to you instead of just picking the first one you find.

Students at college need tips in all the aspects of their new life specially when they study abroad and like this list of tips that we prepared for you to help you saving money as a student we have a lot more tips to be checked about study abroad life. If you use any other ways to save money at college you can share it with students in the comments section below.

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