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How to Get a Full Ride Scholarship?


The scholarship to get an education abroad is varied. There is likely an ideal program for what you are looking for. The problem is to find it: many feel so overwhelmed by the amount of data on postgraduate degrees or the roles required to apply. For this reason, many students give up. In the process of finding a full ride scholarship, as in many other aspects of life, those who are clear about their goal win and persist with patience. So, how to get a full ride scholarship? In today’s article, we will talk about this important topic for students. Read on!

How to start your journey to get your full ride scholarship?

Establish a life project as a priority, and be clear about what you want to do and why. Remember that one of the requirements to apply for a full ride scholarship is the letter of introduction or the letter of intent in which you must clarify what is the motivation to apply for the scholarship. Then you need to follow those steps to help you get the scholarship that will serve your goal:

1. Search for Study Programs

Many of the scholarships require or have a requirement that you have a letter of admission or acceptance to an academic program, so it must be established what program you would like to pursue and research the universities that offer such programs. 

Carry out step by step the instructions of the university to obtain the acceptance letter (this has no cost, except for sending documents). Remember that these procedures can take time. It is recommended to carry out the process in more than one University.

If you want to check more of the world’s top universities and try to apply to them and get the admission you need, you can simply check those list of universities in the USA and contact them:
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2. Search for scholarships

Once you have the admission letter, you have to start the search for the current scholarship announcement in the country that interests you. Search by institutions, (obviously starting with the scholarship options of the university you chose or that provided the admission letter), in government entities, embassies, foundations, NGOs and unilateral organizations that are offering full ride scholarships. 

3. Request in time

A schedule must be established for you to complete all the procedures on the established dates (always have on hand the list of procedures and documents that are needed, as well as telephone numbers, rates, addresses of where you are performing each of them). 

Remember that each call for scholarships may require different documents and may vary according to the country, the university and even the program you want to study. You must always have a valid passport, diplomas, analytical qualification certificate, national identity document and other legalizations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. Language Exams

It must be remembered that many universities require the use of a second language (it depends on where you go to study) therefore it is necessary to take and have the certificate that demonstrates mastery of that language. Periodically consult accredited institutes that carry out and issue certification in the language that interests you.

5. Know the requirements of Full Ride Scholarship

One of the most important elements within the required documents is “the essay or motivation letter” that some calls for to participate in the scholarships, what is important about this essay or the letter is that you talk about “why would you like to go study in another country. 

What types of scholarships are there?

Financial support for studies, generally postgraduate: specializations, master’s degrees, doctorates, or the newer degrees, “diploma” or “certificate,” concentrated in a few subjects and an academic year. This support can be materialized through discounts or exemptions from payment of studies, or allocations of money to cover these expenses. 

Research grants are financial support to research in a specific field. They may be aimed at advanced university students or graduate students. In the latter case, the research that constitutes thesis work is often subsidized, whether it is a master’s, doctorate or even post-doctorate. This is also a part of a full ride scholarship. 

These assignments generally cover expenses directly related to the development of research (materials, equipment, etc.) and related academic training, but sometimes they include travel and accommodation expenses in another country. 

The full ride scholarship also includes travel aid. Economic allocations that cover travel expenses in the case of transfer for the development of academic activities in whole or in part. Generally, they complement other scholarships (study or research) that do not cover travel expenses but are interesting in cases of travel for short academic activities (conferences, seminars).

Full ride scholarship offers accommodation. Many universities offer preferential accommodation in student residences. It is a type of support that generally complements study, research, exchange or internship scholarships that do not cover accommodation costs.

The requirements to obtain a full ride scholarship are established by the institutions in charge of the calls. However, certain common features can help you:

  • Qualifications, background, and academic performance, since most of the calls consider outstanding performance to be relevant.
  • Letters of recommendation: They must be personal. They must give reliable evidence of the endorsement of the person who subscribes to the recommendation.
  • Teaching: Being a teacher increases your chances of obtaining a full ride scholarship.
  • Punctuality: Make sure you meet the requirements of the call promptly. Your application profile must be complete and you must attach all the documentation that accredits the information contained therein. Incomplete applications are not taken into account.

There are many programs for all those who have obtained a scholarship, invitation or admission to do doctorates, postgraduate degrees, masters, seminars, conferences or further training abroad. The objective is to facilitate the transfer of participants by granting discounts on air tickets. In the case of traveling with (direct) family members, their name and surname must be stated, since the discount will also be granted.

How to get a full ride scholarship? As the name indicates, the full ride scholarship includes a comprehensive grant ranging from covering academic expenses to accommodation to travel, etc. Follow the aforementioned steps, you can get a full ride scholarship. 

You must know that there are many programs offered in different countries. Therefore, we recommend you to do your research before you choose or go for the most convenient full ride scholarship program.

Side note: if you are searching for a scholarship in USA you can have a look on the scholarships below and use our scholarship essay examples tips to help you while you contact them:
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A lot of students are trying to build a better future by studying abroad but they are short on cash and that is why you should consider the scholarship option to fund your study abroad and get a high quality degree to get the future that you want. We hope our post was able to give you a good idea about how to get a full ride scholarship and where to search for a one. If you want to check some of the top universities or some of the best study abroad countries you can find that on our study abroad blog and or study abroad tips page. Wish you the best of luck!

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