How to Add LinkedIn Resume Step by Step

LinkedIn is the most important professional social network. It is a good place to find work, to make contacts and to share knowledge. 

The profile of LinkedIn has a section of references where people with whom you have worked, bosses and colleagues, can write about your professional relationship and their opinions about your work. This section is very interesting for the staff selector that comes to your profile. 

Companies will find you easier if you have a LinkedIn Resume. That will make you chances higher in getting jobs. 

How to upload resume to LinkedIn? A lot of people including graduate students ask us: is it easy to upload resume to LinkedIn? Well, it is very easy. 

If your LinkedIn profile is practically empty and not updated, it is better not to include it in your curriculum. If you use your LinkedIn account for purposes very different from those you pursue with your CV, you are not interested in including it either.

For example, imagine that you do sporadic jobs as a freelance graphic designer and use your LinkedIn resume to connect with potential clients in this area, and your LinkedIn resume is totally oriented to graphic design. 

But your main job, and to which you aspire with your resume is as an accountant, for example. In this case, your LinkedIn resume does not provide relevant information for the position to which you aspire and it could be counterproductive to include it.

How to add resume to LinkedIn?

Your profile page and an employer’s job application page that maintains a company page on LinkedIn are the two areas on the LinkedIn website where you can upload your resume. 

According to LinkedIn, more than three million companies maintain a company page on LinkedIn. In addition there are more than 300 million registered users. Those facts make the website an effective platform to find employment and connect with their peers. 

The website attributes your resume to the application for the available position. However, when it is loaded through the profile page, the site pulls out the relevant information from your resume to fill out your LinkedIn profile.

Inclusion of resume on the LinkedIn profile could be a great opportunity for you to find your desired job. So, below, we will tell you: how to add resume to LinkedIn and/or how to put resume on LinkedIn?

The steps goes like this : 

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and then click on the “Profile” tab.
  2. Click the arrow, which is next to the Edit Profile button and then select “Import Resume.”.
  3. Press on the “Browse” button, go to your resume, and then select the file.
  4. Click on the “Upload Curriculum” button, and then check all the fields on the page to ensure that the information is extracted from your resume and it must be accurate.
  5. Click “Save changes” to complete the loading process.

If the option to import your resume is not available on your profile page, you can use the Edited Guided Tour feature to help you complete your profile. 

The feature helps you to add all the information that would be on your resume to your profile pages.
Click on the text link “Guided Edition Tour” Import Information from your Resume web page to complete your profile.

Have you tried adding your CV to LinkedIn before? tell us in the comments section below. Check our posts for more work life tips

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