How Long Is The SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is one of the biggest obstacles for many students when it comes to studying in the United States. For many, it is a challenge with which they suffer many headaches and a lot of stress. And it is normal, doing it right or wrong can mean losing the opportunity to obtain sports or academic scholarship at a university in the United States.

The SAT exam is the exam that gives access to the university in the United States. All American universities of 4 years require these SAT tests to access them. The exam does not evaluate the knowledge you have acquired in the institute during the bachelors, but they evaluate your future learning capacity. 

How long does the sat take? Or how long is sat test? The simple answer is 3 hours. The exam has two sections: Reading/Writing and Math, formed by reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. It also has an optional section, the Essay. It lasts 50 minutes and where you will analyze the argument of an author. Keep reading this article in order to get the most out of it. 

Each section of the exam is scored on a scale between 200 and 800 so 1600 is the maximum. In total, you have 100 minutes to do the first section and 80 minutes for the second section. It is important to know the sat test duration in order to know how many minutes each question needs.

What Are the SAT Sections?

How long is the sat test? With what in summary, these are the SAT section times:

  1. Reading Test: 65 minutes, 52 questions.
  2. Writing and Language Test: 35 minutes, 44 questions.
  3. Math – No Calculator Section: 25 minutes, 20 questions.
  4. Math – Calculator Section: 55 minutes, 38 questions.
  5. Essay: 50 minutes.

How long is the sat with essay? Again, simply it is 3 hours 50 minutes. The ideal date to appear for the first time to the SAT exam is in first of baccalaureate, two years before starting the university. 

To register for the SAT exam you must do it on the official College Board page, at least three weeks before the exam date. To obtain international scholarships, universities usually request more than 950 points on tests.

This test is just one of the tools that allow universities to get to know you better. That is why you should keep in mind and understand that it is only part of a comprehensive admission process, which also takes into account other factors, such as extracurricular activities and the average grade of the last years of high school or college. 

These tests measure the basic logical, verbal, and mathematical skills that you must have acquired both in the school setting and outside. They measure the ability to reason more than to memorize facts. The SAT is an internationally recognized university admission test that allows you to show colleges what knowledge you have and your skills to apply them. So, in this article, you have come to know the length of sat test

In conclusion, for all the students who want to study abroad, they should consider taking SAT exams to increase their acceptance chances.

We hope that we answer some of our readers questions about SAT exams and for all those who needs more study abroad tips and information about top universities, check our study abroad blog.

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