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Fiske Guide To Colleges: How To Use It


When you decide to buy guidebooks in the college research process, it can be a challenging task. The Fiske Guide to colleges is one of the most commonly used resources for prospective students. The book contains a lot of helpful information. 

Nonetheless, there are many disadvantages to the book and the drawbacks in this book can weaken your final decision where to apply for a college education. In this article, we will tell you all about the content of the Fiske guide, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether you should purchase it and use the guidelines in your college search

Overview Of Fiske Guide To Colleges

This book has been around for over three decades. However, our article will lay emphasis on the 2019 edition of the guide. This guide has information about three hundred colleges. The author of the guide considers these colleges or institutions to be the best educational institutions in the nation. 

In simple words, it contains colleges that are relevant to most students. Edward Fiske has edited this book. He was the former education editor in the New York Times Company. 

The guide written by Fiske included one hundred and seventy-five most selective colleges in the United States. In addition to colleges, it also includes universities, which lend geographic diversity in order to create a balance of public and private educational institutions. 

The guide likewise incorporates various other specialty colleges, which are based around environmental conversion, religious denomination, and engineering. In addition, the guide contains colleges that the author simply found fascinating based on the institutions’ unique curriculum. 

Moreover, the Fiske Guide also contains reviews of colleges as well as the testimonies of students. All colleges were provided with questionnaires and the students were required to fill out and provide information about their experiences at their respective colleges with regards to the quality of housing the level of education, accessibility to professors, nightlife, and campus dining. 

Furthermore, this guide is also based on the answers or reviews of the administrators of different colleges. Administrators were allowed to measure, analyze, and share their information about their respective colleges. This helped Fiske to write an amazing guide based on the objectives of the colleges, the perceptions of the students, and the viewpoints of the administrators. All schools in the guide are accompanied by 2500 words descriptive essay. The essays also include feedback from the students as well as other information that is accumulated all over the published resources and visits to these educational institutions

Advantages Of Fiske Guide To Colleges

If you have some colleges in mind, the Fiske Guide will help you in getting some insight into the viewpoints of real students. You can read these viewpoints in the descriptive essays contained in the guidebook. You won’t be able to find this type of comprehensive and concise overview of the campus life. The Fiske Guide also has a number of reliable connections to administrators and students at the best colleges in the United States, and many of the reports and essays provide relevant feedback from the students than most college review websites. 

The essays contained in the Fiske Guide also covers data and information in the same order for all colleges. How is this helpful? Well, in simple words, this makes it a simple and organized guide of essays about different colleges and compare two descriptions. For instance, descriptions about the academic environment at the college are always at the beginning of the essay. 

In addition, it will be easy to understand the statistics and there is no rocket science to comprehend the statistical data contained in the guide. This guide will give you pricing scales as well as symbolic representations of different ratings. It is now easy to tell whether a college is a good fit without figuring through a lot of confusing numbers. 

The Fiske Guide for colleges also contains specialized lists, which will give students the means to conduct their research in a more logical manner. For example, if you are interested in a certain pre-professional study area or looking for colleges, which do not require any test scores, then this guide can give quick options from which you can choose your desired college according to your budget. Similarly, the introduction along with the college search survey will give you detailed information about conducting your research in a hassle-free way. 

Disadvantages Of Fiske Guide 

Although the Fiske Guide maybe a little fun to read as compared to other resources, sometimes, it is quite difficult to sort out the colleges. The essays in this guide also paint most colleges in a pretty good light. For instance, a college in the lower or middle end of the pack in the guide – i.e. three-star ratings as well as seventy percent admission rate – is indicated as an “undiscovered gem.” 

In addition, there are numerous statements – for instance – humanities and social programs are very strong. However, science majors are also very popular. Also, students get the chance to determine the best of several worlds – for example, excellence in liberal arts and engineering, abundant research opportunities, as well as a healthy social life. This might get students more excited for the institution and can be motivating, it makes it challenging to narrow down the list of colleges. All colleges seem to be perfect and that is why it quite difficult to choose the best. 

Moreover, the statistics are not hard to understand. However, there is not much detail. If you want more detailed and specific information about the colleges’ cost and expenses, you need to search on the internet or the official websites of the college. It is true that tuition changes more frequently. Therefore, the Fiske Guide tells that you should know and understand before you decide on a college. 

Lastly, subjectivity – as outlined by the writer in the first few chapters – is also one of the most important features of this guide. More interestingly, this is not a bad thing. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot take all the ratings and grading as indisputable facts. 

Here is where you can buy the Fiske guide

We wanted to shed some light on this popular guide to give you an overview before buying it to help you through your college search process. Hope that was helpful and if you want more tips about studying abroad you can check our study abroad tips you will find a lot of great tips for college students

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