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The deadlines for submitting documents to foreign universities for September 2019 are coming to an end. Find out where you can still be in time without losing a year! Denmark is a special country that has a lot to offer both to its citizens and guests who come here to receive education from other countries. Danish higher education institutions are oriented to international standards and offer a fairly large selection of academic programs in English.

Why Study Abroad in Denmark

Long-standing educational traditions allow vocational education to combine the educational process with an innovative, dynamic culture in research and unique teaching methods.

In the OECD ranking, Denmark in 2018 was named one of the best countries in terms of living and working conditions. Denmark invests huge amounts in education. Costs for this industry are 8% of gross domestic product.

The literacy index in Denmark, according to the UN, is 0.993 – this is one of the highest rates in the world. No wonder Denmark ranks third in the world in the number of Nobel Prizes per capita. 

Quality of life is a characteristic feature of the Danes. It deeply combines social security, an attractive business climate, a clean environment, and high standards in education and research on a global scale.

Studying abroad in Denmark offers great benefits – the number of people wishing to study in Denmark is growing every year. These are exchange students and students who want to get a degree. All this proves how nice it is to get an education in Denmark, where every student will always find what he/she likes.

High standards of education and scientific research conducted in educational institutions, the active use in the practice of acquired theoretical knowledge, interdisciplinary studies, and the initial development of higher education students’ research tasks are the main features of education in this country. 

To this, we can add the low cost of education, free tuition for all EEC students, the ability to work after college and stay up to 6 months in the country to find work after graduation, etc. are all the reasons to study abroad in Denmark

Study Abroad Denmark: University Admission

If the applicant wishes to receive an education in English, at the stage of admission it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the English language (at the TOEFL level – not less than 550 points or IELTS – not less than 6.0 points), confirmed by the corresponding certificates. To enter Danish higher education institutions for undergraduate programs, foreign applicants must provide:

  • Certificate of complete secondary education of the Danish sample (12-13 years of secondary school) or equivalent documents. 
  • Certificates issued in the countries of the European Union are recognized as equivalent. 

If the certificate is not equivalent to Danish, the applicant is offered to undergo special education at the university center, which ends with the Higher Preparatory Examination exam, the successful passing of which gives the applicant the opportunity to enter any university in Denmark. There you can learn the Danish language, which is useful for early adaptation in the country of study.

Applicants who have completed the preparatory courses of International Baccalaureate and A-levels immediately enter the first course of the bachelor’s program.

  • A diploma of vocational education or an excerpt from the record book (in case of admission after 1-2 courses of the university);
  • Language test certificate;
  • letters of recommendation (2-3 letters);
  • Letter of motivation in Danish or English.

For creative specialties of established areas, for example, art, music, an additional examination is offered for admission, revealing the talent of a future student.

Denmark Study Abroad – Higher Education 

There are three types of higher education institutions in Denmark: vocational schools, colleges, and universities. Higher education institutions have a large number of faculties and profiles, with an extensive selection of study programs.

Vocational schools have been training specialists in the field of business and technology for 2 years. Colleges after 3-4 years of study give a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, and education. 

Universities train bachelors, masters, and doctors of sciences. Initially, a 3-year course of study is offered, after which the student receives a bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Art / Bachelor of Science). To obtain a Master’s degree, you need to study another 2 years, and after 3 next years to get a doctorate.

Students with higher education are provided with scholarships or free follow-up studies. Universities and other educational institutions can offer their students personal scholarships. Erasmus Mundus scholarships can be obtained by students who study for a master’s degree in part in Danish and partly in another European university.

If a student is studying in European universities that participate in the programs of Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates/Erasmus, he/she can apply for the right to participate in a special exchange program and grants. Students from Scandinavian countries or other European countries that are not EU members can apply for grants through Tempus or Nordplus.

If the state where the student is studying and residing has a diplomatic agreement with Denmark, then there are many opportunities for foreign students to apply for a Danish scholarship.

Scholarships In Denmark : Tuition Fees & Scholarships Types

Updated 2019 : In response to our readers we have added scholarships in Denmark section, hope it will be helpful.

Because of the high quality of the study in Denmark a lot of our readers asked us frequently if there is any way to get clear information about scholarships and tuition fees in the universities in Denmark.
Actually throughout the search we have made, we found a very good resource to help students who are willing to apply to study in Denmark and want to have some sort of scholarship or funding.
Scholarships in Denmark has a detailed information for all the interested students. It has a range of different scholarships for foreign students and they are funded by a lot of well-known organizations and institutions which increased their credibility.

Getting a student visa to Denmark

To obtain a national long-term visa (this type of visa is issued to all students) in Denmark, the following documents are required:

  • Passport (which expires no later than 3 months after the date of departure from the territory of the Schengen countries) and photocopies of its pages.
  • Passport and photocopy of the passport.
  • 2 copies of the visa application form in the Schengen countries with additions filled in block letters. The applicant must answer all questions and personally sign the questionnaire.
  • Documents confirming sufficient financial viability or income of the applicant who will cover travel expenses: the last bank statement, traveler’s checks, a credit card along with an extract from the ATM or other evidence of financial status.
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees.
  • Documents of education or a certificate of study.
  • The original of the international medical insurance policy and its copy in A4 format. Moreover, the insurer must have an agreement on the payment of compensation with an international insurance company.
  • 3 color photographs of the passport sample (size 35 × 45 mm), and 2 of them must be glued to the questionnaires.

Prospects After Graduation in Denmark

Higher educational institutions constantly cooperate with business organizations and research institutes. Business meetings, visits to leading companies are systematically organized for students, and a professional internship is provided. All this prepares future specialists for professional activities in international companies.

We want always to provide more helpful information for our readers so please have a look of our study abroad blog to find more of the useful tips for you. And do not forget to check study abroad countries category for more options.

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