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Best Tablets For College Students


Millions of students will return to their college classrooms. In these times, technology also has a lot to say in the teaching and productivity of each one of them. 

In the old days when we returned to college after the holidays, all we needed were good notebooks and books that had been commissioned for us, now it is also essential to surround ourselves with technology. 

That is why trying to buy the best tablets for college is essential to get good grades. We are not talking about premium tablets, but about cheap ones that serve students as a complement to better fix the concepts, and to help with internet connectivity while at college or at home. 

We want to highlight the best tablets for college, those that for a very low price, offer the latest technology device, designed for the productivity of students, and that they can also use in their free time for entertainment.

Huawei Media pad T5

The Huawei brand has always been characterized by getting low-priced devices with very good quality, and in the tablet niche, they are also up there. The Huawei Media pad T5 is a 10.1 inches panel device with FullHD resolution, and is designed for students who need a complement for their studies, or even to watch movies and series. It has a Kirin 659 processor and 2GB of RAM, and the version we want to highlight in the offer is the Wi-Fi version and it comes standard with 16 GB of internal storage, although it can be expanded.

Now you can buy the Huawei Media pad T5 at Amazon for only $135, with free shipping included it is 2GB version of RAM and 16GB of storage. If you prefer the model a little more advanced with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, you can have it at $60, under the same shipping conditions.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

Another of the brands that usually dominate the niche market of mid-range and input range is Xiaomi, which has a juicy tablet offer. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is a really interesting device that has a screen diagonal of 7.9 inches at FullHD resolution. Inside it has a two-core snapdragon 660 processor, and in its basic configuration it carries 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage.

For the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 we will recommend a very interesting offer that we have just seen in AliExpress, the trusted Chinese store. Here you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 cheaply from $159, and best of all, the shipment is made from your country. Through the AliExpress page you can choose either the 3GB configuration of RAM with 32 GB of storage or the configuration of 4GB of RAM with 64 GB of storage. The available versions are those of Wi-Fi.

IPad 9.7 inch

When we hear the name of the Apple brand iPad, we immediately consider that it is an expensive product and that it is not suitable for students, however, things have changed in recent times and it is already a device that is within reach of most pockets. This is a tablet with 9.7 inches and is powered by the A10 Fusion chip of the Californian company. It has a Touch ID identity sensor and also with the relevant cameras: 8 Mpx rear and 1.2 Mpx front.

If you want to buy the 9.7-inch iPad, you can find it on Amazon with $299 including the free shipping, and you can receive it during the next few hours. You can choose the model in gray, gold or silver, depending on your tastes, and here it also exists in 128 GB version, although the price is $380. As an alternative, on eBay, it is for $285 with cover included.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019

Surely in this list you were missing a Samsung device, and we have it with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019. This is a cheap Samsung tablet 10.1 inches at FullHD resolution and is designed for both productivity and entertainment. It stands out for including an eight-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage, and it comes with Android 7.0 that you can update.

If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 you can find it only $175 on Amazon. Best of all, the shipping is free with what you can receive at home during the next few hours. Both by brand, as by the characteristics of this product, it is perhaps one of the most recommended and best college tablets in 2019, and more being this offer since it currently has a 27% discount on its original price.

Huawei Media pad M5 Lite

We have opened the list with a Huawei tablet, and we want to close it with another. This time we talked about the Huawei Media pad M5 Lite, a 10.1 inches tablet that is our favorite, and we have found an offer with a great discount for you. The discount offer offers its 3GB version of RAM, and 32 GB of expandable storage, and has an eight-core 2.4 GHz processor inside, and gray design.

Thanks to our recommendations to buy the best tablets for college, students will have the best technological complement to get very good notes. Tablets help you read slides of the subject you want to study. It also helps you prepare presentations. 

You can search the internet using Wi-Fi and find educational information or study material online – even if you are sitting in the park or cafeteria. Technology helps us improve our learning skills. There are many tablets available online. However, when it comes to best tablet for college, you can choose among the ones we have mentioned in this article. 

There are more study abroad tips for our students to help them in their college life. At the same time we offer a lot of interesting topics for our followers from top universities to scholarships check them to help you find you study abroad path.

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