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Best Summer Jobs For College Students


The heat arrives and with it, the opportunities for hundreds of young people who decide to bet on one of the best summer jobs for college students

Summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and recovery after exam stress. However, it is also a stage to recover lost time and dedicate a period to look for interesting job offers that may involve extra income. 

Do you want to know all the details about summer employment for students? Consult the following list of summer jobs for young people and follow our tips to look for the best summer jobs for college students. They will surprise you!

Training is very important for students, and doing internships in companies that have experience in some area that you find interesting and with which you want to complement your academic training, is more than a recommended option.

During the summer, there are certain sectors such as hospitality or catering that experience a considerable boost at the level of professions demanded the summer, while others reduce their number of vacancies. Now, these sectors are the classics that accompany us year after year. What are the best summer jobs for college students? Of course, we talk about it below.

The first thing you should do when looking for a summer job is to make a list of your interests and those areas with which you do not feel comfortable. It will work as a guide to know where you are going, helping you choose the most appropriate offers. 

However, entering the labor market is a difficult task and it could happen that you need to manage your own job to add experience in the curriculum once you graduate. We think of some ideas of summer jobs for students that you can easily assemble according to your field of knowledge.

Animal Shelter Assistant/Pet Shop / Dog Walker

All options are suitable for veterinary students, taking into account that the first two require recruitment but the last part of your entrepreneurial spirit. The animal shelter will allow you to solve health problems constituting an excellent field trip, while the pet store will help you familiarize yourself with the sale of specific products. If you do not get hired, try offering as a fee or make a portfolio of customers to walk dogs.

Tourist Guide

Do you study languages, tourism or public relations? Summer is high season in the United Kingdom and international visitors are the order of the day, even from other communities. You can offer personalized escort service to different tourist points of your city, promoting yourself on the Internet or attending the departure of airports, ports or stations to attract customers for a reduced cost.

Fresh Snack Chef

Nutrition or Biology students will find an excellent job opportunity by cooking or preparing fresh and balanced snacks for clients with different needs. You will promote your food through social networks, containing the best healthy snacks to take to the beach, especially capturing people who make diets. Find Facebook groups linked to exercise or weight loss and suggest your page.

Personal Trainer

Most people want to be fit during the summer and surprisingly, instead of joining a gym a few months before many choose to exercise during the holidays, trying to achieve immediate results. The beach will be your ally to get clients to whom you will distribute flyers offering your services as a personal trainer, in case you study a career linked to sports. You don’t even need a physical place, the beach itself or a place can be your training room if you plan the appropriate exercises.

Local Journalist

The journalism students will tour the newspapers or radios in your town to offer a service of special coverage of everything that happens during the summer. It is likely that these are small media without the ability to pay an extra salary, but even if you develop honorary tasks it is an excellent professional practice in a real context. 

Start requesting a remuneration and when you have exhausted your possibilities, go again to your favorite medium in the area and claim that you would like to work in the category of collaborator. If you manage to show your name in the publications or radio ads, you already have half of the game played.

Device Repairman

Nobody escapes the failures of electronic equipment, especially in summer when they are exposed to the sun, water, sand and other activities that we do not usually do the rest of the year. If you study an engineering career linked to technology and know-how to fix computers, smartphones, tablets or any other device, promote yourself as an economical repair alternative. 

Technical service can cost a lot of money, but you will solve the same problem for a lower price arranged with each client. Once again, word of mouth, social networks and a profile picture on WhatsApp with a brief legend about the work you offer, some customers will provide.


Stores or sales services hire thousands of young people during the summer and university students studying finance, administration or accounting careers will have a bonus to take over the cash. You will learn to handle different cards or payment methods, understanding the concepts taught in class. You could even convince the supervisors to make the closing every month or at least be present, it is a great responsibility and they will not pay you extra for it but it will be useful in the long term.

Collaborate With an NGO

There are many NGOs that seek to expand their team by incorporating new talents, young students who want to start their career helping the most disadvantaged. There are NGOs of different nature and you can always choose the one whose project you find most interesting: organizations for child development, for refugees, etc. Including volunteer activities in the curriculum is a plus rather than positive.

Teaching And Support Classes

If you consider yourself an applied person and have a qualified academic record, teaching and support classes are an ideal option to earn extra income and familiarize yourself with the academic environment. During the summer, there are many schools that need young trainers who wish to apply their knowledge in the requested disciplines. Mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry are usually the most demanded topics by academies.

That was few summer job for college students to get some cash and to improve their CVs. For more tips for college students you can check study abroad tips. If you need some universities information check top universities to get a better idea.

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