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Best Printers for College Students


College students often have their own printers which allow them to print documents and assignments without having to go to the computer lab on campus. A good printer for a college student is affordable, compact and does the job efficiently. There are a number of printers available that meet these criteria and are ideal for college students. If you are looking for the best printers for college students, you are in the right place. Read on! 

1. Canon PIXMA MX860

The Canon PIXMA MX860 is one of the best printers for college students. Print on both sides as a feature to save paper, as well as have a Wi-Fi connection so you can print, even if the machine is not connected. It is also quite affordable, the price is around $90. Apart from printing, it is also a scanner, copier and fax machine.

2. Epson Stylus NX515

The Epson Stylus NX515 is another popular printer among college students. Print documents and assignments quickly at 36 pages per minute and with good quality, ideal for those students who wait until the last moment to finish a job. It also has an elegant design, so it is not an eyesore in a bedroom or apartment. It is a copier and a scanner. The printer sells for between $100 and $150.

3. HP Deskjet F4480

The HP Deskjet F4480 is a quiet and compact printer, another good option for college students. It is also one of the cheapest printers on the market, starting at $ 80. The printer is also a copier and a scanner and is a reliable machine. This printer is easy to use and is compatible with all computers, including Macs.

4. Brother MFC 490cw

The Brother MFC 490cw printer has a slightly different function than many other popular printers: it is a high-speed fax machine. Another unique feature is that it has a memory card slot so you can print from the card, as well as the Wi-Fi capability to print from anywhere. In addition, it has a 3.3-inch (8.38 cm) LCD screen to preview documents before printing or faxing them. This printer starts at a price of $140.

How to choose the best printers for college students?

The two most famous models of printers are lasers and ink, both of which belong to the non-impact ones, which do not use a device that strikes to engrave on paper. And as these are not beating against the leaves, they are much quieter. 

Ink printers 

What they do is spit ink through extremely small holes in the head to create an image. The main reason to choose an ink is because of the photo quality. These are still the best in mixing colors in a more subtle and professional way. 

Of course, they are also used to print invitations, flyers, etc. Of the lasers or LEDs, we have only identified a few that use technology that rivals result with those of ink and its quality for graphics, but they are generally high-end and graphics-oriented. In case you want a compact mid-range that you know can produce excellent results.

The other reason to choose an ink is that they can print in a wide variety of media. Many of these can print on special sheets and in any type of size you have in mind. So you don’t have to worry much about the output format since they usually print on almost everything.

Speed and print quality

With an ink one, you have versatility, you lose speed: they are slower and the models that are business-oriented, will usually offer better speed than those that are for use at home.

The print quality you get for one of the ink models will vary depending on whether you print on typical, glossy or other paper. The truth is that these types of printers have improved greatly over the years in the output of their work, but some cheap printers still produce somewhat blurred images or if not, not perfect on flat paper. 

These results may go well to deliver some college work, but not for someone who wants to get business documents, so buying some quality paper is also a factor that should be considered.

Of course, the type of ink the printer uses can affect the final quality. A colored liquid ink, such as watercolors for painting, is the best for mixing colors, but in return, you lose the precision of fine text and lines. A pigment-based ink (colored particles suspended in liquid) will generally create a much clearer text and lines, but will not mix colors as well as the first type.

It is surprising, then, that the types of printers that are intended to be used to take pictures will generally use the first mode of ink. Although you can find some that use both depending on whether they are going to draw text or images.

Laser and LED printers

Although some college students could buy one of ink, the most common and efficient is that the types of printers purchased in these cases are laser or LED. Each of these two technologies uses a light source to propagate it through the image by rotating a drum. 

The LED and laser printers are generally the fastest and are perfectly designed to have a first-class text output, although with acceptable graphics but more designed for occasional use. What is also true is that they are also more expensive to buy.

These models are also simple to use, toner is quite cheap, as well as they tend to be very dependable. These types of printer can be purchased from 100 dollars and an increase in cost from there, depending on the features and the monthly volume you have in mind to take out.

Multifunction printers 

Think that with these you have a kind of metal and plastic box in which you can print, scan, copy and even send and receive faxes. For example, You can copy, create electronic images of physical documents as well as send all of them by email. You will see that there are good models that cost as little as 100 dollars for those that are ink, and a little more for laser multi-function printers.

Those were our recommendation for best printers for college students if you want to check more of our study abroad tips and recommendation you can check our study abroad blog to know more.

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