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Best Planners For College Students


College life is full of responsibilities, tasks, and duties that can easily overwhelm us. The key to getting out of these challenges unscathed and being able to meet all commitments without delay is maintaining good organization. This is why we show you some of the best planners for college with which you can better manage your time and focus on the most important thing: your education.

Here is our list of the best planners for college students please Read on:

1. Five Star Student Academic Planner

Five Star Student Academic Planner has a useful additional marker. It has a cover made of extra strong and long-lasting material, in addition to having a set of useful adhesive notes. The dimension of the wire spiral planner is 5.5 inches x 8 inches, making it the ideal size for easy portability in your hands or backpack. It is one of the best planners for college. Many users say that it is also ideal for the university. 

2. Erin Condren Academic Planner

It has a beautiful abstract art design in shades of blue, green, and pink strewn across the cover. This notebook is divided into different sections for notes, tasks, and objectives to be met in the 12 months of the year 2020. The pages inside made of paper also provide blanks to fill in as you prefer.

3. Blue Sky Planner

Planner notebook that covers the weeks and months of a year. It features a flat, flexible cover and double wire binding. Its measurements are 8.5 inches x 11 inches. The internal pages of this planner present weekly and monthly sections to facilitate any type of programming, be it tasks or duties that you must fulfill as a student.

4. Evopaper Student Planner

It has 12 months of monthly and weekly pages to help you organize throughout the year. At the same time, it has a resistant wire spiral, covers, and high quality binding. It features a flat, metallic design and comfortable texture, as well as pages made of acid-free paper.

5. Tools4Wisdom Planner

It features a beautiful cover design. This planner measures 6.25 x 8.3 inches, ideal for carrying in hand. Likewise, this planner has a double wire and strong connection, which allows a flat orientation. It is ideal for weekly and monthly management. The high-quality material from which planner is made – makes it one of the best planners for college. 

6. Pretty Simple Planners

If you are looking for a simple yet the best planner for college, then, this is probably your go-to product. Not only does it feature a whole-year preview, but it also has a monthly calendar, which is spread on two pages. This allows you to view your schedules quickly. The best thing about this college planner is that they contain inspirational quotes that motivate you to study. 

7. Dated College Planner

This is an ideal planner for students who prefer small sizes. However, you must know that although it is a small planner it still has enough room for taking notes. So, this is one of the best planners for college students. Also, it has 144 pages, which include 16 reference pages, 24 monthly pages, and 104 calendar pages. 

How to use the best planners for college effectively?

Perhaps it has happened to you that among your things a planner appears that your father has recently gifted you. You wrote a couple of things on the pages of January and the rest of the months are blank. In the worst-case scenario, all pages are blank. 

The case of the abandoned planner is more common than you think, it occurs mainly due to lack of discipline and commitment. If you have ever wanted to keep a planner, but always end up abandoning it, pay close attention to the following tips that we give you, for the efficient use of it.

You should use a planner for the current year so that it works as a calendar to take notes on. In it, you will write down activities that need to be done on a specific date, so you must have the correct days. 

You get confused with the day of delivery of work to use a calendar of something like 2015 or 2016. Perhaps it sounds absurd, but for that reason, it cannot stop happening to you. Better heal yourself in health and leave that old planner.

Write down in your planner absolutely everything that has a defined date and time of completion. You can use an outstanding color pencil for those activities that you consider most important, but do not limit yourself to aiming only at them. The correct use of the planner requires the formation of a habit, and this can only be achieved by writing down all your activities. 

Try to go up to date and comply with everything you write in it. One of the main reasons why many abandon their planners is the frustration of always being behind with activities that should already be done. A planner is simply a planning tool, for it to work fully you must cooperate with effort and action. No planner does the homework for you, it only helps you to have control of your duties.

In case you cannot do an activity on the date you had set, move it for another day. It is almost compulsory on that new date. The more faithful your activities are concerning what you plan on your planner, the more benefit you will get from this form of personal organization.

If the idea of ​​writing on paper does not appeal to you, remember that you have many applications and technological tools at your fingertips that can work as a planner. The same calendar on your cell phone can fulfill this function, as long as you follow the same logic of recording absolutely everything that has to be done on a specific date.

Always carry your planner with you. This allows you to review your pending and nearby activities at any time. Similarly, if a new commitment or duty arises, you have your planner at hand to write it down immediately. Good Luck!

If you want more study abroad tips you can always check our study abroad blog to help you get more useful information about top universities and best study abroad countries 

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