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Best Notebooks for College Students


Although we are in the middle of the digital age, the act of taking notes on paper is still necessary, especially at college. Therefore, if you intend to choose the best notebooks for college, we present them that we select according to what the clients expressed about them. The selection is also based on the specifications of each one. So, in today’s article, we will tell you about the best notebooks for college. Read on!

How to choose the best notebooks for college?

The purchase of a college notebook seems simple, but when the user begins to review among the thousands of options on the market, he may feel a little disoriented. To avoid this, we will tell you how to buy the best college notebooks for you. We will summarize the basic elements so that you must weigh to opt for one model or another based on factors that go beyond the basic how much it costs.


The size of the notebook is one of the first factors that should be noted. It would be a great help if you have already got an idea about the size you are looking for because you will only have to select a model that corresponds to what you have in mind. Otherwise, choose a size that is easy to carry, since college notebooks generally travel with you to your classroom and meetings with your classmates, etc.

A common size in the market is type A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), which is associated with letter size, but they are not the same since letter size is slightly smaller (21.6 x 27, 9 cm). Another highly sought after size is Sheet (21.6 x 35.6 cm), which is slightly larger.

Type of line

The sheets that make up the notebook generally have a type of line. Again, it would be advisable for you to know if you are looking for conventional stripes, the checkered design or you prefer the absence of them and you are looking for a rather smooth design.

In any case, keep in mind that the grid design is generally recommended to write down figures corresponding to statistical or mathematical data because they already have the boxes drawn on the paper. 

For its part, the sheets that do not have lines can be used to draw or write, taking into account that you will not have a guide so that the sentences retain a certain uniformity, which is what conventional stripes allow.

Number of Sheets

The number of sheets that the notebook has is what will determine values ​​such as its thickness and weight. But beyond this, it will influence the duration of the product. The general trend is to prefer models with the largest number of sheets, although this is not a fundamental rule

It is because you can afford to choose one medium or low thickness, if you do not plan to write too much information in him, so once again this is also influenced by the use you intend to give to the notebook. So, what are the best notebooks for college? Continue reading!

1. Mead Spiral Notebooks

The size of the notebook, the quality of the material of the covers, and the sheets sewn to the spine make this version one of the most practical and safest for those who love to take notes on paper, despite being in the middle of the digital era.

The main criticism of the users of this model of the notebook is the quality of the sheets since they assure that it does not absorb very well certain inks, such as that of the pens, which can be stained if care is not taken.

The notebook is suitable for college students and people who usually take notes daily. It is the right size to store in the backpack, with stitched and rounded leaves at the tips, flexible and resistant covers, bookmarks and an elastic that prevents it from opening and can deteriorate inside.

Among the qualities most appreciated by users of the Mead brand, is the quality of the material with which their notebooks are made, made with resistant but flexible covers at the same time, which adapt to almost any writing medium, from a comfortable table or desk, even the knees, for example, when the situation warrants it.

2. Field Notes Memo Book

Those who are not looking for just one notebook but several can then opt for this set of three units of different colors, with a simple spiral structure that allows them to be properly attached and at the same time contemplates the possibility of removing sheets from the notebook in an easier way if necessary.

It incorporates a total of 80 sheets, which are sufficient for a good level of notes, added to the fact that they have an A4-type size, with measures of 31 x 21.5 cm that give a good level of space to the user to make various annotations in the same sheet, before having to change to the next one.

The clamping mechanism provides greater mobility when using the blades and allows them to be easily torn off. The notebook has a total amount of 80 sheets on which you can make all your records and notes with enough space. This model of notebook comes in series, so you can have a set to better manage your notes.

3. Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook

They are prominently priced among the cheapest, making them among the best value-for-money college notebooks. They are equipped with a total of 80 sheets, which will allow annotations to be made at a medium-high level. The spring was used to hold the leaves, which gives it practicality of use and guarantees that the leaves do not come off easily.

Its clamping mechanism is made of a spring spiral that allows good mobility in the leaves and that these can be easily detached if required. As its protective structure is made of plastic, the notebook remains more protected and firm inside. It is not a single workbook, this model is presented as a set of six notebooks of different colors that can accompany you in all your subjects.

We hope that our list of the best notebooks for college was helpful to college students who wants to buy some efficient notebooks to help them taking notes through college lectures. If you want more helpful study abroad tips you can check our study abroad blog.

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