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Best Marine Biology Colleges In The World


Do you want to know more about the best marine biology colleges or universities? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you a list and explanation of the best marine biology colleges. Why it is a great field to study? Why it has a high demand in the job market? Read this article carefully so that you get the most out of it. 

What Is Marine Biology?

The marine biology is the science that studies living beings that inhabit marine ecosystems, as well as the conservation of marine life, its biological elements, its flora, and fauna. 

It also investigates the elements of the physical and chemical order of the aquatic environment, being its main objective the integral maintenance of all marine species and improvement of its resources. 

More than a science in itself, it is a system of application of other sciences like geology, chemistry, geography, physics, and biology, which are indispensable for the global and correlated study of the concepts, which characterize the marine environment. 

Oceanography is subdivided into three main branches: chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, and biological oceanography. In addition, the oceans and seas cover 71% of the crust of the earth. This includes plankton microscopic, even cetaceans like whales. It is estimated that only 5% of life in the oceans has been investigated so far.

Best Marine Biology Colleges or Universities in the World

Due to the critical state of the seabed and life within the oceans because of global warming, there are many world powers that need marine biologists. This is why around the world institutions are striving to achieve an educational program for this area of ​​science that is complete and effective. Marine biology is one of the careers with more labor demand today. 

Biology is the science that focuses on the understanding and definition of living organisms that inhabit the Earth; studying their evolution and behavior. One of the branches of this science is Marine Biology, which focuses on flora and fauna inhabiting marine ecosystems.

People interested in specializing in marine beings should be trained in the university and study the career of marine biology. It is not a Biology specialization since marine biologists must have a great variety of knowledge that includes other sciences such as geography, chemistry or physics to be able to know all the studies that affect marine ecosystems and the creatures that live in them.

Therefore, studying marine biology implies receiving training beyond a specialization in a set of living beings. The faculties where the Degree in Marine Biology is taught prepare students to understand all the events that affect the marine environment at a chemical or physical level, understand the risks of exploitation of marine resources and be experts in living things that they inhabit it as well as the conservation of flora and fauna. 

So, students can specialize in the branches of physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, and biological oceanography. With the greatest concern for the environment and the protection of marine ecosystems, graduates in Marine Biology have great job opportunities at the end of their careers. The traditional sectors are research, control, and management of fisheries as well as the canning industry; but now they can be used in scientific research, pharmaceutical and food industry, genetics, quality control and pollution of marine waters, purification or coastal management.

Here are the list of the best marine biology colleges in the world:

1. University of Miami (United States)

One of the best universities in the world to study marine biology, whose specialized studies on the impact of global warming on the Atlantic Ocean have set the tone. Within the United States, it certainly has one of the first 3 programs for the study of marine life; especially of the fauna and flora and the negative impact of man in his ecosystem.

2. University of Melbourne (Australia)

Another of the best universities in the world to study marine biology whose specialists are currently focusing on analyzing sea level rise; fact that many islands of the Pacific Ocean could disappear in a few decades. The marine studies program of this university aims to organize efforts in two areas of change to take samples of the true impact.

3. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile)

The most important university in the southern hemisphere of the planet in the marine biology area. Bearing in mind that Chile is one of the countries with the largest coastline in the world; it is not surprising that many economic and political efforts are invested in studying marine behavior. This country in South America has suffered several strange episodes related to the behavior of its local marine fauna. That is why the specialized studies carried out at this university focus on revealing what are the possible factors that cause these behaviors.

4. University of California, Santa Barbara (United States)

Without a doubt, the most recognized among all those presented here; because this institution invests a lot of effort and money in creating awareness campaigns so that people understand the importance of marine ecosystems. The American West Coast even has a dynamic educational institute that works both as a zoo for rehabilitation and studies of marine species.

5. University of Washington (United States)

Students of marine biology usually look beyond the rainy days of Seattle. They look forward to hitting beach or bay of the city to study the ecosystem. University of Washington offers a comprehensive marine biology course. It also offers fishery, aquatic sciences, and oceanography. 

Beyond the location of Puget coast, the University of Washington owns marine biology sciences filed station. In addition, “Friday Harbor Laboratories” is located just a couple of kilometers from the University of Washington Campus on San Juan Island. This university makes sure that students get all sorts of research opportunities from the very first semester. 


Although there are many colleges and universities all around the world to study marine biology. However, if you really want to jump into the research field and grasp the most significant information on marine biology, then you must apply to one of these universities. They provide extensive research and tools through which you can study marine biology under the umbrella of world-class and qualified professors, laboratories, and equipment.

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