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Top 17 Best Jobs for College Students


For many students, it is a very busy time of year when you have to juggle to do everything on time: take final exams, travel to visit the family for the holidays and, also, look for a seasonal job to cover the expenses of the year.

In the United States, 80% of students believe that summer is the best time to look for work. They believe that more positions are available and that, not being in college, it is the most convenient time to work as much as possible and save money.

In this article, we show you the best jobs for college students, either while you study during the year or for the summer holidays. Read on!

1. Fill out online surveys

Although many people do not know it, you can earn money doing online surveys since companies pay for information about consumers to improve their marketing strategies. Surveys are usually about your consumption habits, brands, and preferred products, etc. Depending on the number of surveys you carry out, you will be adding points to exchange for prizes or money at the end of the month. This is one of the best jobs for college students. 

2. Host

Some students attend college in another city and, during the summer holidays, sublet their apartment and return to their hometown. If that is your case or if you simply have a free room that you want to rent, the best option is to use a platform such as Airbnb or Booking website. The more services you offer (for example Wi-Fi, TV, furniture, etc.) and the higher the rating for your guests, the more chances you will have of being a success.

3. Uber

If you have a driver’s license and are over 18, you can work as an Uber driver. During the holidays, more drivers are needed and many offer their car in society. If you do not have your vehicle, you can be a partner-driver.

4. Delivery

Companies are looking for workers to deliver orders. You can deliver with any vehicle: bicycle, motorcycle or car.

5. Work as a virtual assistant 

Many people look for freelance virtual assistants, that is, they work on their own. There are pages such as Facebook groups, Fiverr, etc. to offer these services. Some websites allow you to perform tasks such as answering calls or emails, writing texts, posting and responding on social networks.

6. Salesperson 

Working as a local salesperson is perhaps the typical college student job as businesses often look for temporary employees for the holidays and the summer.

7. Waiter

Bars and restaurants also tend to have a larger clientele during the summer and winter holidays, so they tend to hire more staff. The good thing about working as a waiter is that in addition to the salary you can earn well in tips. Thus, this is one of the best jobs for college students

8. Kitchen assistant

If you have cooking knowledge or would like to learn, you can look for a job as a kitchen assistant. During the holidays there are restaurants, which hire assistants to carry out basic tasks.

9. Coffeehouse employee

Coffee culture is very important in the U.S and around the world. There are cafés that have employees who are professionals in the preparation of coffee. This is usually a better paying job than that of a waiter and you must have a course diploma. In the U.S, most gastronomy schools offer this course.

10. Babysitting

Perhaps the most cliché job for a college student is to babysit on vacation, but along with technology, it has progressed. It is no longer just about babysitting a relative or neighbor, but you can work for childcare agencies where you will have a profile with references about your experience.

11. Technical service

For those who know about electronic devices and their operation, technical service is a good option.

12. Private teacher

On vacations, many students take exams: elementary and high school children who take subjects, or college students who take final exams. If you know an area or subject you can give private lessons at home or in some public space such as a library.

13. Promoters

Many companies hire promoters during vacations, mainly in tourist places and hotels. The contract usually includes the transfer, the food and a uniform with the company logo.

14. Distribute Flyers

These jobs are usually not as well paid as those of promoters but they are a possibility for those who want to work a few hours and at the times they want. It depends on a particular employer that requires fliers and they are usually published in the newspaper ads.

15. Bartender

To become a bartender, you must complete a course that lasts less than a year and is taught in most of the country’s gastronomy schools. It is about knowing how to prepare and professionally serve drinks.

16. Lifeguards

This job requires training: the lifeguard course lasts between a year and a year and a half and is very physically demanding. During the summer holidays, there is work in swimming pools, beaches, and hotels.

17. Take care of pets

As with childcare, there are nurseries where you look for animal caretakers. If you have the physical space and you like pets, you can set up your nursery at home or simply offer to go to people’s houses to take care of the animal. Many people look for pet sitters to come to their home.

Wrapping up, although it is normal that you want to spend the holidays celebrating and exchanging gifts with your family and friends, this is not necessarily incompatible with practicing networking more pragmatically. Take advantage of these social gatherings to alert your acquaintances that you are looking for a new job. 

Before you start sending resumes without any filters, take advantage of this time of the year to do a thorough investigation of the companies you would like to work for. Check their websites, social media profiles and use platforms like LinkedIn to contact professionals who work on them. This way, you will find the best jobs for college students. 

We hope that our post give you some tips and some idea about the best jobs for college students to help you saving some money but if you still need more study abroad tips or work abroad tips you can always check our study abroad blog for more helpful information.

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