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Best Colleges In Pennsylvania USA


The solid teaching tradition has always ensured students the best professional and social insertion opportunities have also been impacted by the implementation of an institutionalized research climate. What are the best colleges in Pennsylvania? Let’s find out!

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1. Lafayette College

The college has more than 40 undergraduate courses and includes all didactic material in printed or digital versions, in addition to exclusive coaching in the learning environment. 

To guarantee the discount of the course of your choice, you need to get a scholarship. The scholarship works as a kind of voucher, you pay for the discount and guarantee your scholarship throughout the course.

The mission is to promote quality education in different areas of knowledge, training professional citizens who contribute to the development of a just and solidary society. The main focus is on their contribution to community education and also to the development of values ​​and ideals.

Today, Lafayette is among the top 20 colleges in Pennsylvania. This college carries out several projects with the academic community that is focused on the well-being of the surrounding society. The idea is to promote an exchange of knowledge and value citizenship. 

Lafayette has a partnership with more than 300 universities and a specific sector to enable exchange programs that help the student’s academic and cultural development. 

Classes are offered in face-to-face and distance format, with courses in all teaching areas. Its main institutional objective is to teach and share knowledge. Therefore, the disciplines are always integrating theoretical content with practical activities that focus on research and projects for the community.

The graduate program encompasses dozens of specialization courses, master’s degrees, academic master’s degrees, doctorates, post-doctorates, medical residency in professional health areas. For instance, Bailey Health Center at this college is aimed at professions, such as Dentistry, Veterinary, Physiotherapy, etc.

2. Haverford College

Haverford College has been presenting itself as a reference center in education. With an immense infrastructure, it is one of the best colleges in Pennsylvania and has laboratories, libraries, museums, sports centers, etc. 

Studying abroad is the dream of many students and a great differentiator for the job market. This experience can be carried out through the partnerships that Haverford College has with institutions from different locations, including Germany, Belgium, China, Egypt, and France. There are altogether hundreds of possibilities for exchange.

Many low-income students find it difficult to complete their courses. Concerned with guaranteeing access to higher education for all audiences, the college team, together with the state government, offers several assistance programs including housing assistance, transportation assistance, and scholarship.

Research is a way of producing new knowledge and extension helps students understand the importance that their actions can have to improve the community. In this way, both receive a large investment from Haverford College.

Haverford College has an internationally recognized teaching quality. Most of the faculty is formed by masters and doctors and the content transmitted in the classroom ranges from lectures to debates, seminars, participation in events, lectures. It is a pedagogical program that permeates several axes of learning.

3. Swarthmore College

Today, Swarthmore College offers several higher education courses with a technologist qualification.  It was the pioneer in this style in Pennsylvania. Swarthmore College seeks to encourage sports among its students.

So, within the campus, there is space for different activities such as basketball, swimming, and handball. In addition to leisure practice, it is also possible to participate in competitions that take place between the best colleges in Pennsylvania.

Swarthmore College stands out in scientific production and has two research groups linked to the areas of chemistry, biochemistry and organic chemistry. There is also the Scientific Initiation Program that offers scholarships to students who are starting in the field of research. The faculty has specialist professors, masters, and doctors, which guarantees higher quality teaching for students.

The pedagogical plan of the institution seeks to train a professional with a critical view and technical skills within their area of ​​study. This is done through practical classes and scientific research. 

They have a computer lab, library and other laboratories dedicated to the specific courses in each location. It has a laboratory for the course of polymers, welding, optics, glass, etc. Institutions also value students’ entrepreneurship and creativity by bringing everyday challenges to the classroom.

4. Villanova University

The university has a complete infrastructure to offer the highest educational quality. There are many laboratories, in addition to libraries, school clinics, theater, sports facilities, and a teaching staff formed mostly by masters and doctors.

Villanova University has partnerships with institutions in countries such as Germany, Austria, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. Altogether there are 19 interconnected nations and more than 80 teaching centers in which students can carry out exchange programs. It offers good scholarships to foreign students. 

The university is concerned with offering accessible education to all audiences and has a complete structure to serve students with special needs. Therefore, it has adapted bathrooms, wider chairs for the obese, a support chair for the interpreter of pounds, a reading arrangement for students with low vision or blind, distance education subjects with audio description, and educational support. 

Villanova University has several scholarship and financing programs, guaranteeing students a lower cost during their undergraduate or graduate studies. The educational program is developed combining practice and theory. That is why in the classroom students work with debates and activities in the laboratory. Scientific research also appears in everyday life to expand the knowledge of undergraduate and graduate students.

Monitoring is another methodological proposal to fix the content and work on the teaching practice in the student. Those who prefer to turn to the professional market can also count on the support of Villanova University for the internship or volunteer work programs in other best colleges in Pennsylvania. 

Wrapping up, there are many best colleges in Pennsylvania. However, by conducting thorough research, we found that these are the best colleges in Pennsylvania that not only offer high-quality education but also scholarships for foreign students who can come here and do their research work.

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We gathered this list of the best best colleges in Pennsylvania to help students who plan to study in USA we hope it will help you, if you want to find more study abroad countries or more top universities just check our study abroad blog.

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