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Best Colleges In New York USA


Colleges and Universities value ​​the well-being of its students and therefore has different financial, social and health assistance programs. Among them are food and housing grants and educational support. Do you want to know about the best colleges in New York? If yes, you are in the right place. Read on!

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1. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the 10 best educational institutions in the U.S. Founded in 1754, it has many campuses and a complete infrastructure to serve the thousands of students. The expansion of knowledge beyond the national territory is one of the university’s goals. 

Thus, it invests in exchange programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Altogether there are 36 partner nations, including Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, and India. This represents dozens of universities and colleges where the student can study.

Columbia University has national and international recognition with excellent performance in the area of ​​research and technological innovation. These actions also seek to develop students’ entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, the site has an Innovation Agency that works with the creation of patents and actions to encourage the emergence of companies.

At the university, there is an Environmental Management specialized in proposing actions and supervising the activities developed within the campuses. The objective is to link academic development with the preservation of the environment.

The pedagogical program is based on the learning of theoretical classes in conjunction with practical activities. This includes everything from laboratory projects to research and extension programs. The latter is heavily worked on at the institution, which has more than 1,200 actions in conjunction with the community.

Internships and monitoring are also important tools for the composition of learning and are valued within the university. Other methods used in the academic process are scientific events, lectures and technical visits. 

Concerning infrastructure, it provides full support for the development of learning and consists of libraries, school clinics, auditoriums, computer and specialized laboratories, school farm, etc.

2. New York University

New York University has thousands of students enrolled and has an infrastructure with computer and specialized laboratories, library, auditorium, research centers, etc. The university actively invests in activities of a scientific nature. Thus, students have contact with research centers and can participate in scientific programs alongside specialized doctoral programs. 

Helping others is one of the precepts of New York University and this appears in several actions for the community. Among them are educational projects for children and adolescents, as well as professional qualification courses. There are also psychological support services, as well as companies and a law firm that offer business and legal assistance free of charge.

The cultural area of ​​ New York University has intense activities, developed both for the academic community and the external society. They include music events, performing arts and exhibitions. There is also a choir group and an open-air museum with varied sculptures.

Exchange activities are encouraged through short, medium and long-term programs. The agreements are made with dozens of institutions from 57 countries, including South Africa, France, Italy, Cyprus, Scotland, and Japan. This generates an enriching experience in university life, providing contact with other cultures and a differential for the job market.

The educational program of New York University makes use of several learning methods to train the student. In the classroom, the teacher follows the traditional model of transmitting the theoretical content, but this is deepened through debates, research, and extension projects, in addition to practical classes in laboratories.

The student can also participate in monitoring programs, if he/she wants to experience in the teaching area, and also carry out internships. Some are already included in the curriculum of the courses. 

New York University has undergraduate and specialization courses, as well as masters and doctorates. Most programs are in-person format, but distance education classes are also offered. In all, there are about 200 courses. 

3. Barnard College

Investment in research is constant at Barnard College. It has many study groups composed of different research projects, which encourages the production of new knowledge. The college also has several scientific journals for the publication of all discoveries made at the academy.

The student has pedagogical support, with specialized assistance to overcome learning difficulties. There is also psychological support related to self-esteem, overcoming personal problems and university life.

The college has different financial incentive programs for low-income students, to democratize access to higher education. Therefore, the site accepts the programs, has its system of scholarships and funding, as well as a program for students who wish to change course.

The methodological program is quite broad and includes learning tools ranging from the traditional class explained by the teacher to the practical development of the content. This is done in laboratories, research activities, monitoring programs and internships, mandatory for each course or volunteer.

Extension projects have a key role in the pedagogical process. After all, they promote an exchange of knowledge between students and the community, helping with professional experience and social well-being.

The college has undergraduate and graduate courses, at the master’s, doctoral and specialization levels. There are also training programs for students and the external community. It is one of the best colleges in New York.

4. Fordham University

Fordham University invests in research and innovation studies – having many study groups as well as in activities to assist society. With an excellent education, the university stands out in the state and the U.S. 

It has a partnership with different educational institutions around the world, giving students the possibility of carrying out exchange programs and expanding their learning process. 

Altogether there are 30 countries in cooperation with the U.S, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, and Australia. The university also offers assistance scholarships to assist students during the mobility period and technology-related classes.

The university team is aware of the importance of preserving the environment, which is why it develops practices that aim to reduce the negative impact of human beings on society. 

It has classes that value practical teaching and innovation activities through scientific research and extension projects. The faculty is now formed by more than 2,500 teachers who teach classes in line with the needs of the professional market. This is why we can say that this is one of the best colleges in New York.

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Those were a group of the best colleges in New York city for all the students who plan to study in USA. If you are searching for other study abroad countries or if you need more of the top universities to compare and choose from you can check our study abroad blog to get more study abroad tips to help you to achieve your dream.

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