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Best Colleges in Massachusetts USA


The state of Massachusetts is one of the most historical states of America, a recognized academic and cultural center of the country. The region is actively developing the sector of higher education, biotechnology, IT technology, and the financial sector. In addition, Massachusetts has high incomes and a fairly low unemployment rate. So talking about the Best Colleges in Massachusetts will be a really interesting subject for all the college students out there.

It was in this state that the first major US educational institutions appeared at one time, and Boston, located here, is considered the country’s most student city due to the well-known universities and colleges and a large number of students from all over the world. There are two more academic giants in neighboring Cambridge – Harvard University and MIT.

In this article, we will talk about five other colleges or universities in the state of Massachusetts, which occupy high positions in international rankings and offer a variety of high-quality educational options. Read this article carefully so that you get the most out of it! 

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1. Boston University

Boston University is one of the best colleges in Massachusetts and takes 81st place in the list of the best universities in the world QS World University Rankings 2018. It is located in the best student city of Boston and educates many foreigners, whose share in the total student stream is more than 20%.

Among the strengths of the multidisciplinary Boston University are the programs in the field of business, media, dentistry, accounting, etc. By the level of teaching archaeology, the university takes 34th place in the world. 

At the same time, Boston University is also one of the leaders in the quality and variety of study options abroad. University students can get international academic experience in countries such as the UK, France, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Singapore.

The university provides its students with diverse opportunities for development. Among his graduates, there are 7 Nobel Prize winners, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 9 Oscar winners, not to mention successful professionals in other fields. 

Boston University is 51st in the world in terms of graduate employment. And yet, university students are traditionally successful in sports, this is especially true of the hockey team, which has repeatedly become the champion of the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

2. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute is located in Worcester and specializes in technical disciplines and applied sciences. At the time of its foundation, the college was one of the first engineering and technical colleges in the United States, but now it consists of 14 academic departments and educates not only Americans but also many foreign students.

All university programs are divided into three main areas: Science, Engineering and Business. While engineering is a leading field, and in the field of science a variety of studies are being funded by the state and external funds. This college is very popular among foreigners due to the highest level of teaching and unique programs that integrate STEM disciplines in the process of studying business and entrepreneurship.

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute is also known for a number of highly effective studies in the field of biotechnology, fuel cells, information security, material processing, and nanotechnology. 

The university has an innovative program Global Projects Program, according to which engineering students work on their projects abroad in the design centers of countries such as Italy, Denmark, Great Britain, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, etc.

3. Tufts College University

Tufts boasts an excellent international reputation and a rich history. In 2016, the institution took 12th place in the list of the best research educational institutions in the United States according to Forbes. The research potential of the university is really great, and its laboratories conduct the most advanced research in the field of neuroscience, medicine, and ecology.

Tufts’s teaching and curriculum level are also marked by numerous titles and awards. The university ranks 41st in the world in the quality of programs in the field of veterinary medicine, and teaching the natural sciences, medicine, healthcare, humanities, and management is also a strong academic side.

International relations play a crucial role in the life of the student community. It collaborates in educational institutions of other countries, including the UK and France, and the city of Boston, near which is located.

4. Northeastern University

With a distinctive approach to the educational process, Northeastern University is a private university with a city campus in Boston and an additional department in Canadian Toronto.

From engineering to humanities and journalism, at Northeastern University you can get an education in various disciplines. The QS international ranking particularly marked university programs in the field of pharmaceuticals and pharmacology, and the internship of this university was recognized as the best in the United States. The quality of local programs in IT, mechanical engineering, economics, and medicine was also noted.

Due to the active partnership of Northeastern University with various companies and organizations, the university offers its students a unique curriculum in which study is alternated with full-time work and gaining practical experience in partner companies. In addition, students have the option of studying abroad, and more than 75% of students at Northeastern University receive financial assistance of one kind or another.

All this advantages make Northeastern University one of the best colleges in Massachusetts for all the college students who want to get a high quality college degree.

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5. Brandeis College University

Want to get a liberal arts education in Massachusetts? Choose a private Brandeis University, which was founded with the support of Albert Einstein and is one of the youngest research universities in the United States.

On the basis of five schools and colleges of the university, you can study art and science, social and social sciences, business and management. Today, Brandeis University’s programs in business, humanities, and economics are most recognized. The QS World University Rankings 2018 rating also praised the level of teaching at a university of psychology.

Brandeis University, located in Waltham, occupies a 235-acre campus, which has more than 100 buildings, including academic buildings, centers and laboratories, sports buildings, student buildings, and residences. The university even owns its own museum and an extensive library. Over 260 clubs and interest societies operate here, and 19 student sports teams train.

These are the best colleges and universities in Massachusetts. Although applying to any of these requires a lot of effort and merit, if you are a bright student, you can apply in these institutions easily.

We hope that help our readers ; in case you need more study abroad tips or top universities or even study abroad countries options you can always check our study abroad blog to get a lot of helpful tips.

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