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Best Colleges For Pre Med in The World


Medical is one of the most sought-after areas in foreign education today. International programs on the study of pre-medical affairs introduce students to the world of modern technologies in the field of healthcare, innovation and qualitatively new methods of treatment and care for patients, as well as hospital administration.

Do you want to become a professional and qualified doctor? If yes, you need to choose the best medical school – as there are many all over the world. You can even get a scholarship

What about the best colleges for pre-med? Many students ask us this question and this is why, in today’s article, we are going to address this question by telling you about the best pre-med colleges. 

Make sure you read this article carefully so that you know the best pre-med schools in the world. Read on! 

1. University of Auckland (New Zealand)

As the largest educational institution in New Zealand, the University of Auckland emphasizes the fundamental nature of the knowledge taught. 

Among other areas, pre-medical is being studied at a very serious level, and research and conferences are being held.

For practical classes of pre-medical students, the university has the latest best medical equipment in the world, which not all hospitals can afford. 

Auckland University is on the list of leading educational institutions on the planet, and among the graduates of its pre-medical faculty, there are many prominent scientists and practicing physicians.

2. National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) is the largest and oldest university in Singapore today educates a huge number of students from all over the world. 

The history of the university began with the founding of a small pre-medical college, and over the years of its existence, the University of Singapore has gained an excellent world reputation in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Within the walls of the main university of Singapore, research and medical experiments are carried out, and medical students practice at the National Hospital of Singapore. 

It is easier to enter here than to similar universities in the USA and Great Britain, the cost of training is also lower – i.e. from 15 thousand Singapore dollars.

3. University of Melbourne (Australia)

The University of Melbourne is one of the eight best educational institutions in Australia (Group of Eight) and teaches pre-medical, medical, biological, and natural sciences. Here you can study medicine, dentistry, biomedical sciences and even veterinary medicine, and hospital administration.

The University is also the main research center of Australia. It creates medical equipment, conducts numerous studies, creates new drugs and tests innovative treatment methods. All this attracts state subsidies and investments of the world’s largest corporations to the University of Melbourne. 

Thus, studying at this university is a great chance to start a serious medical career for any young specialist, and among the graduates, there are two Nobel Prize winners in the field of medicine.

It is difficult to enter here, especially since no more than 10 foreign students are accepted for the course, however, the diploma of the University of Melbourne is worth it. The annual tuition here starts at 25 thousand Australian dollars.

4. Cambridge University (England)

One of the two oldest universities in England, the University of Cambridge has been known for centuries for its high level of medical education. The structure of the university includes 6 separate schools, one of which is the school of clinical medicine.

Students can study biochemistry, neurobiology, hematology, genetics, psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics and other areas of medicine at various departments of this school. 

The school also pays great attention to studying such important issues as epidemiology and the fight against cancerous tumors. The learning process here is using the latest technology, and the students practice at the famous Hospital in Cambridge.

Pre-Medical diplomas obtained in Cambridge make students in demand by scientists and doctors, and hospitals. Among university graduates, there are 23 Nobel laureates only in the field of medicine, and this says a lot. 

The cost of medical education is traditionally higher than the cost of education in other areas and Cambridge starts at 20 thousand pounds. Thus, it is one of the best colleges for pre-med. 

5. John Hopkins (USA)

John Hopkins is always one of the most popular universities in the world due to its high-quality education, rich history and high demand for graduates. The medical field has been taught here since the beginning of the 19th century.

Today, the university has a medical faculty, which, in turn, includes the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry (John Hopkins School of Dental Medicine). The medical faculty of John Hopkins is famous all over the world not only for its well-known graduates but also for numerous studies, discoveries and a common contribution to the science world.

Besides, the university has one of the largest medical libraries in America. The cost of a year of study at the John Hopkins starts at $20,000, however, two-thirds of university students, including foreigners, receive various grants and scholarships.

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Today, many foreign universities offer programs for the study of medicine, which is why future health workers need to seriously approach the choice of a suitable medical school. 

First, you need to decide on the field of medicine that you want to study, and then pay attention to best colleges for pre-meds that provide you generalized but high-quality education in this area and have good recommendations from students and experts.

Also, it makes sense to pay attention to the cost of training. Pre-medical educational programs are usually quite expensive, which means that it is necessary to assess the ratio of cost and quality of education. 

In this article, you have learned about which foreign pre-medical schools or colleges offer pre-medical education, are most in-demand today, according to expert reviews and international ratings.

To get an education abroad, you need to choose several best colleges for pre-med to apply, find out a list of documents and deadlines. You must know the system of education abroad, the order of admission, and the best pre-med colleges. Good Luck!

If you want to find more top universities or more study abroad countries you can check our study abroad talk blog and get all the useful study abroad tips that you need.

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