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Best Colleges For Political Science


According to rankings recognized in the area of political science where colleges and universities around the world (such as QS) are positioned, those in Europe are always among the first places, ratifying every year the excellence of each institution. In this article, you will find the best colleges and universities from which you can choose where to study political science

Oxford University (United Kingdom)

It is the oldest institution in the world and also one of the most difficult to access. This emblematic university over the years has seen countless students graduate who have later shone which stars in their professional performance in the field of political science

Many of them have won Nobel prizes or are recognized political figures both in the United Kingdom and internationally. If you want to be admitted to this institution you must have an excellent academic career and demonstrate great potential as a student. 

Your references from previous schools must be the best and you must pass written exams and interviews. While it is true that getting an enrollment at Oxford University is complicated, it should also be noted that it guarantees exemplary preparation for all of its students.

University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and follows Oxford University as the second oldest in the world. Renowned personalities have passed through their classrooms that have marked history thanks to their remarkable discoveries. We can mention Isaac Newton, Alan Turing, and Rosalind Franklin as an example.

It is a center that fosters the bond of its students with extracurricular activities, highlighting the sport as one of the most accomplished. As a characteristic of prestigious schools, it has a fairly strict admission system where one of the most valued aspects is that the applicant has an impeccable academic career in political science. 

The cost of tuition, plus the extra expenses that the students of the University of Cambridge must make per year, is quite high. However, if you are really interested in studying at this prestigious university, you should know that it offers a scholarship system that often helps students save their expenses. Thus, it is one of the best colleges for political science

Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich (Switzerland)

The Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich or ETH Zurich, as it is also known, in its more than 160 years of history has been awarded as one of the best in the world repeatedly due to its magnificent academic career and achievements in different subjects including political science

The college specializes in careers related to natural sciences, political sciences, technology, and engineering. Since its inception, it has remained a pioneer in the field of research and innovation. It can be said that one of the main factors for which it has become one of the best colleges for political science is the fact that it has always had the brightest minds on the continent. 

Imperial College of London (United Kingdom)

The Imperial School of London was founded in 1907 as a component of the college of London. It was in 2007 that it became an independent university, specialized in careers in political science, engineering, medicine, and business sciences. Its studies related to political science that have positioned this magnificent institution among the top positions in the rankings of the best universities in the United Kingdom

It has numerous winners of Nobel prizes and three winners of the Fields Medal. In addition, this famous entity maintains a close relationship with other colleges in the world of as much prestige as yours, carrying out numerous investigations together. In order to be admitted to this college, students must also have an excellent track record because the level required to enter is of the highest.

University College London (United Kingdom)

This university, also known as UCL, after the aforementioned Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, is the third oldest center of higher education in England. It is one of the schools that make up the University of London and famous facilities such as Mahatma Gandhi and Graham Bell have passed through its facilities. 

Its history highlights important events such as having been the first university to admit all kinds of students regardless of race, sex or religion. It was also among the first to have chairs in engineering such as chemistry and electrical and science such as zoology and psychology. 

It has been recognized as one of the best in the world for being a leader in research related to political science, sustainable development, and the development of trans-formative technologies.

Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne ( Switzerland)

Located in Switzerland, this college is also considered one of the best in Europe. It maintains a close link with ETH Zurich, sharing its fields of expertise: political science, social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences. 

In this center of high studies there are five faculties: computer science and communication, engineering sciences and techniques, political sciences, biosciences, natural environment and constructions in which 13-degree programs bring together people of more than 120 nationalities are taught. 

Its facilities also house the best laboratories and resources to carry out what has been its mission throughout its trajectory: “education, research, and innovation.”

University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

It was founded in the year 1824 and presents an excellent academic trajectory standing out in industrial development. What is recognized as the current University of Manchester was established in 2004 by the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. 

It is made up of three faculties in which a wide program of undergraduate and postgraduate studies are taught, with the record of hosting the largest number of full-time students in the United Kingdom. 

It also holds the record of being the university with the most Nobel prizes in its classrooms, whether researching or teaching. Undoubtedly, it is a very good option to study in this prestigious entity because Manchester is one of the best environments for university students. Therefore, the department of political science and social science is making substantial efforts in the field of research and innovation. This makes it one of the best colleges for political science.

Political science is a great field of study for a wide range of students around the world. If you are interested in other study fields you can always check the top universities for the field you want. Also keep in mind that study abroad tips section will help you to learn more about the college students life.

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