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Best 7 Forensic Science Colleges in USA


In the darkness of the night, a forensic department officer walks carefully through the scene of the horrific crime. With the ruins of a destroyed life around him, he picks up the remains that the killer left behind. After careful analysis and study, the evidence he has discovered helps bring a terrible crime to justice.

With descriptions like these, the decidedly mysterious and glamorous appeal of forensic sciences is not difficult to visualize. Crime Scene Investigation has led to a marked increase in applicants for forensic science programs at institutions of Higher education and universities throughout the world.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will tell you about the best forensic science colleges. By knowing the most sophisticated information about the forensic science colleges and universities, you will be able to get admission in the most prestigious institution, which will help you make a good career in forensic science. Read on!

1. Arkansas State University

The Arkansas State University forensic science program is a bachelor’s degree program aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in forensic science for government agencies, laboratories or in the medical field. 

The program is divided into three areas of emphasis: chemistry, biology and a general degree, which covers a wide range of topics. The faculty of the program is directed by a committee of forensic scientists from a number of fields of practice. The special programs offered in this university are Pathology, Economic Sciences, Accounting, Entomology, and Toxicology.

2. Michigan State University

The master’s (MS) program in forensic sciences at Michigan State University allows any student with a degree in natural or physical sciences to continue their education in the field of forensic sciences. The school offered its first forensic science program in 1946 and is one of the oldest in such programs in the United States. 

The program of this university offers three branches of concentrated studies in the fields of chemistry, biology and forensic anthropology. The school also offers internships and career development opportunities for students.

3. Loyola University in New Orleans

The University of Loyola in New Orleans offers a series of courses under its degree program in forensic science, ranging from crime scene processing to forensic psychology. In total, the program offers eight courses of three credits. At the end of the course, students should be involved in a semi-annual research project. In this university, forensic science is considered a minor course.

Loyola University is known for its research-based forensic science program. It is one of the best forensic science colleges in the United States. Students are allowed to work with law enforcement agencies to have practical knowledge of crime scenes, which help them in their professional careers. Many foreign students also get admission to Loyola University. 

4. Pennsylvania State University

The institution is dedicated to promoting the study, teaching, updating and in general the interest in absolutely all Forensic Sciences, basing their education on teaching staff that theoretically dominates the issues of crime scenes. 

They have highly qualified personnel for the teaching of knowledge in various forensic areas, being outstanding practical-theoretical experts since this university is completely convinced that knowledge can be imparted in these areas if you have the practical experience. They have the participation of exhibitors at the international level who till today have carried out various research works.

Pennsylvania State University offers the highest quality technical and professional studies in the areas of Forensic and Legal Sciences so that the graduates comply with the academic and professional excellence required in the particular area. They follow the official and a humanistic moral sense based on a process of continuous improvement of the teaching staff and students.

5. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers a degree program in forensic sciences, with two educational branches, in analysis and biochemistry. Graduates of this program can move on to the Master of Science (MS) program and further advance their education. This master’s program also caters to professionals who seek to progress in their education.

The research-based program offered by this university allows students of forensic sciences to work with the police department in Florida – especially with the Miami police department. Students go with the police to investigate the crime scene and then make reports. The report is checked and analyzed by both the experts who work with the police department and the research supervisors. 

6. Mississippi University

The University of Mississippi has the distinction of being one of only five schools in the United States with an accredited program in forensic chemistry. This Bachelor of Science (BS) program is certified by the American Chemical Association as well as accredited by the American Forensic Science Association.

Moreover, it has a school for research projects where professionals from the university work with students to do research on modern-day crimes. This university has published thousands of research papers and studies based on crimes in the state. 

The research studies lay emphasis on analyzing the root causes of delinquent crimes and how modern forensic techniques or methods can be implemented to stop crime. 

There are many students who study here on scholarship. Research shows that most of these students are from European countries and Southeast Asia. Chinese students also have collaborated with the research groups of the university to develop cutting-edge technology tools based on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

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7. Boston University

Boston University is one of the best educational institutions in the world. The university offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in forensic science, which allows students with multi-disciplinary and research-based education in the fields of genetics, statistics, physics, and chemistry. 

The researchers at this university make substantial efforts to work on projects in different disciplines including scientific and genetic analysis of crime scenes, fingerprints, and other legal proceedings. 

When the students complete the degree, they are provided with the opportunity to work as internees with the Boston Police Department where they utilize their skills in order to become members of police teams in their professional careers.

Those were the best forensic science colleges in the United States. There are also a number of colleges and universities in Europe, which we will tell you about in future. You can choose any of these institutions based on specialization.

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By the way if you want to get more information about top universities and best study abroad countries you can always check our study abroad blog to get more useful study abroad tips. Good Luck!

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